When Was the Last Time That Someone In Your Family Had to Visit the Doctor?

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Whether you are looking for urgent care for kids services or you are looking for an affordable and convenient place to get your flu shot, your neighborhood walk in clinic may be the best option. Because you do not need an appointment, a walk in clinic offers the convenience of getting in to see the doctor quickly and making sure that you get the care that you need for without having to give up the entire day.
Fortunately, urgent care locations are spread out across large cities so it is likely that you are within 15 to 20 minutes of a location that help you find the health solution that you are looking for. Consider some of these facts an figures about the advantages of urgent care settings and the reasons that so many people find these locations the best health care solution:

  • 50% of the urgent care centers in America are owned by a physician or a group of physicians.
  • 80% urgent care centers provide fracture care, which means that they are able to perform diagnostic services like x-rays as well as treatment options like casting.
  • 70% of urgent care centers provide intravenous fluids when needed, which means that you do not need to wait in a crowded hospital emergency room if you find yourself dehydrated after hours.
  • Unfortunately, 48% of all adult ER patients were who were not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital sought treatment at the ER because their physicians? offices were closed, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just under half. Even more unfortunate is that a percentage of these people could have received the care that they needed in a far more affordable urgent care clinic.
  • 90.6% of urgent care centers remain open until 7:00 pm or later on weeknight.
  • 40% of urgent care centers remain open until 9:00 pm or later on weeknights.

If you find yourself looking for health care services in the evening or on the weekend it is easy to see the advantages of urgent care clinics. In addition to after hour care, however, a growing number of Americans look to these locations for their regular health care needs like flu shots and sports physicals.

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