When Was the Last Time You and Your Spouse Had a Romantic Getaway?

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The intent is for the plans to be elegant, but simple. You have selected a weekend in May. You are looking forward to the ceremony, the friends, the weekend getaway. With a plan for some delicious local food, you hope to provide an event that everyone will remember for years. A wedding that will help celebrate the a love affair that began years ago, and will continue for decades to come. The unique wedding that you have planned has personal touches that are important to you, your future husband, and to your parents, and his parents.
Are You Planning a Wedding, a Vacation, or Getaway Weekend?
Many of us live hectic lives. Lives that are jam packed with hours at work, evenings cooking meals for the family, and weekends catching up on house work. At some point, however, you need to give yourself a break, a reward for all of your efforts.
Finding the best location for that getaway, however, can take some time and some patience. Whether you are looking for a private wedding venue for a small wedding for family and friends or you are searching for a location for a large family reunion, luxury resorts might be the best solution.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the best vacations spots and the most relaxing opportunities:

  • 42% of travelers feel more romantic when they are on vacation.
  • 24% of millennials planned to go on a romantic getaway in 2016, according to an AARP survey.
  • 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to a more active one, according to an international study.
  • $16.3 billion was generated by the U.S. spa industry in the year 2015.
  • 79% of domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes.
  • 50% of women indicate that planning their wedding was more stressful than they imagined, and report that they spent as many as 11 hours each week planning.
  • U.S. residents logged 1.7 billion leisure trips in 2015.
  • 44,230 weddings take place on the average weekend.
  • 15 million Americans practice yoga at least once a month in an attempt to relax.

How long has it been since you had a weekend to yourself? Maybe it is time for you to make the time to getaway for a weekend when you can rest and rejuvenate.

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