When Was the Last Time You Visited a Quick Care Clinic?

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Where you live determines a lot about the kind of person you are. In some ways, in fact, where you live can even determine your health and your day today activities and the accidents that result from those activities.
Urgent care in McKinney TX, for example, can look quite different from an urgent care setting in Portland OR. Regional treatments in Oregon may involve water and hiking injuries as well as the typical sprains, breaks, and fractures that are seen across the country. Urgent care in McKinney TX can involve heat exhaustion, extreme sunburn and even exposure to irritating cactus and other regional plants. No matter if you are looking for Urgent care in McKinney TX or Portland Oregon or any place in between, the same three basic needs are the same. Convenience. Quality. Cost.
The Best Health Care Clinic Option Are Convenient
No matter where you live, life’s emergencies are rarely well timed. They happen as you head out the door to church on a sunday morning. They occur just as you are going to bed on a school night. Even more frustrating, they happen just as aunts, uncles, and other are moving to the same room to open the Christmas presents for the annual family Christmas Party. Convenient urgent care clinics, however, are ready and available when ever they are needed.
Even on Christmas Day, pediatric urgent care settings are open to treat a forehead cut of the youngest family member who literally leaped with excitement for the pile of gifts she was finally old enough to distribute. With 24 hours, these health care settings provide a convenient option for families who need treatment fast.
In addition to providing the convenient hours, many of these care clinics also boast short wait times. For instance, nearly 60% of urgent care clinics see patients in less than 15 minutes. This quick attention in 65% of clinics includes an immediate visit with a licensed physician. with nearly 9,300 walk-in, stand-alone urgent care centers in America, the convenience is difficult to ignore. Research predicts that 50 to 100 new clinics open every year, although these numbers fluctuate with corporate purchases, expansions and consolidations. Urgent care in McKinney TX and urgent care in Boise ID is convenient and available.
Quick Health Care Must Also be Quality Care
The fact of the matter is, it would simply not make sense for family physicians and family pediatricians to be open around the clock. Although some pediatric offices around the country offer Saturday morning hours during the school year, the function of these offices centers on wellness checks and other more predictable health care needs.
When abdominal pain causes a family to worry about a significant health care issue, however, that family needs to be able to find quality care. Fortunately, many care clinics have on site physicians, x-ray technology, and other needed services. The fact that a physician or a group of physicians owns nearly half of all urgent care centers is an indicator that these locations will be as fully staffed with certified physicians as other traditional health care offices. In fact, some patients will actually see some of the same staff members at both family physician offices and quick care clinics as doctors and nurses sometimes rotate through several settings owned by the same hospital or corporation.
Cost Is a Primary Concern of Many People Seeking Emergency Care
According to a private study conducted by Milliman, as many as 44% to 65% of all ER episodes could have been treated in urgent care clinic settings. In a country where the emergency room was the only option for after hour care for many generations, it seems that some are still adjusting to the availability of quick care clinics. In addition to the convenience and quality of the care, one of the main reasons for seeking healthcare in a clinic setting is the more affordable cost. For instance, an urgent care-treatable case handled in a hospital emergency room may cost an average of $2,039. Getting that same treatment at a quick care clinic, however, would cost approximately $226.
The fact that most insurance providers allow the same level of coverage in clinic settings also helps control costs.

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