When You Should Seek Treatment For An Injury

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Unfortunately, injury happens and is all too common. Recovery can be difficult, and injuries can leave patients with lasting pain and complications. Fortunately, physical therapy methods and physical therapy exercises can help to alleviate pain, help patients heal from injury, and strengthen muscles and joints to, hopefully, prevent new injury from occurring.

Back pain is a common problem dealt with in not only physical therapy, but the lives of millions of Americans. It’s estimated that over 30 million people deal with chronic low back pain on a daily basis. Fortunately, physical therapy treatment can save back pain sufferers from costly surgeries, medications, and other medical procedures. A study has shown that back pain patients that receive physical therapy actually end up paying around $3,000 less than back pain patients that do not.

Physical therapy can also be hugely beneficial for the health of other joints as well, including common areas that experience degeneration and pain like the hips and knees. Hip stability can be a huge problem for pt patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis that causes degeneration of the joints over time. This condition can affect anyone, but is most common among those considered elderly. Knee pain and wrist pain are also common among osteoarthritis suffers, and this pain typically gets worse over type. Thankfully, a variety of therapies can counteract some of this damage and even strengthen the muscles that hold the joints to the point that some symptoms are alleviated.

Sports injuries are also extremely common and often require physical therapy. Over 5 million sports related injuries are reported every year in the United States alone, and this number doesn’t even account for those who are injured and don’t seek medical care. Of musculoskeletal injuries, half persist three months or more. At this point, when pain is still present, physical therapy is often the best and healthiest option to treat the injury and prevent future damage.

Physical therapy can be a valid treatment option for many different conditions, strengthening joints, helping to heal injuries and restore mobility, and offering a treatment alternative to medication and surgery. It also can serve as a recovery option from surgery when surgery is necessary. From osteoarthritis to sports injuries to chronic back pain, physical therapy provides hope of relief from pain for many patients around the country, providing them with an improved quality of life.

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