Why Is PPE So Important Across Various Industries?

In this YouTube video, the presenter describes various kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE) and explains their importance in different industries. She gives insight into the uses of this equipment by interviewing Jordan B., a nurse practitioner in Georgia.

There are many different types of PPE and they are used in different jobs. Construction workers use hard hats to protect themselves against falling objects.

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Air traffic control professionals wear earmuffs to protect their hearing. In the medical profession, PPE includes an extensive array of items that are designed to shield Health Care Professionals (HCPs) against harmful bacteria, germs, and other infectious particles.

HCPs wear PPE that covers them from head to toe. The main reason for wearing PPE is to protect themselves and protect other patients they must treat. Given the extreme infectiousness of COVID-19, it is especially important that HCPs wear gowns, goggles, medical face shields, 2 layers of gloves, disposable booties. The last of these items help prevent infecting the rest of the hospital when they walk around. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is important to leave nothing exposed. Coverage is so complete that HCPs must announce who they are to the patient when they enter a room.

Following protocols for removing PPE as important as wearing it, one wrong move can cause contamination.

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