Why Weight Lifting Is Important For the Elderly

Typically weight lifting is thought of as an activity for the young and fit. In reality, though, fitness activities like lifting weights are a great thing for your health regardless of age. Studies have proven that weight lifting as you get older can help fight osteoporosis. Evidence shows that activity which puts stress on bone strength helps improve the external structure of the bone itself. In addition, weight training activities help maintain your core strength and improve your health and longevity.

Here are some weight lifting tips for the elderly:

  • Small light dumbells
    If you’ve never lifted weight before now isn’t the time to start curling 10-pound weights. Get yourself some lighter weights to start and get used to using them two or three times a day. Dumbells are the most popular form of beginning weight lifting and can be found pretty much anywhere. Try a few different weights at first to see what your body needs in comparison the results you’re trying to get out of your efforts.
  • Weight lifting wrist wraps
    Weight lifting wrist wraps can help you lift weights over the course of the day without your realizing. If your cooking dinner wearing some lighter wrist wraps will force you to lift more than you normally would while still allowing you to go about your day. Wrist wraps improve your strength capabilities and bone density over time.
  • Lifting yourself
    This may sound strange, but holding your own body up is an excellent weight training option. Start by simply holding your arms out to either side. Your muscles will quickly tire because they are pulling against the force of gravity. If you aren’t prepared to commit to purchasing weight lifting gear, this is a great place to start.

The initial assumption that the older you get the less you can lift or carry is wholly wrong. Science has proven that an active lifestyle is an excellent way for seniors to remain healthy and vibrant. You don’t need to be an Olympic level weightlifter to get the benefits of weight training. No need to go out and buy a bunch of powerlifting gear. The stronger your muscles the healthier your bones will be. By doing simple weight lifting activities every day, long reps at low weight, you can improve your health.

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