Why You Should Stop Buying Cosmetics at the Store

Private label skincare for spa

We tend to diagnose our own skin type and the truth is most of the time we get it wrong. The Internet gives a false sense of knowledge sometimes because it only shares some of the facts that we think that all the facts are there and we come to an incorrect conclusion because of it. No matter what the issue, it’s always better to ask your doctor and get advice from a trained medical professional about the skin care brands we really need.

Good skin care begins with good advice. Whether you decide to go with high end private label cosmetics or try to go the less expensive route for your skin products, Your doctor will be able to help you determine what your skin needs.

Diverted products

One of the reasons to go to a medical professional for serious skin care advice is because of this issue of diverted products.

Diversion is when a professional company that used to only sell to professionals finds that their company is not doing very well and decides that rather keeping the quality and integrity of their product they are going to change the formula but keep the same packaging and advertisements and open their products to be available to the public.

The problem with this is that the public believes that they are getting a professional product but the truth is the only way that a cosmetic company can cheap in their product enough to be affordable to the general public is to add:

  1. Alcohol – this is added to replace the actual product so they can be sold in a big bottle without spending more on product. Alcohol severely dries out your hair.

  2. Parabens – they mimic the natural properties of your hair, causing your hair to stop producing what it needs.

  3. Wax – which coats your hair in a film that appears to make it shiny and healthy but actually had addictive properties so without it your hair will be flat, dry and unhealthy looking.

Improper storage

Many times products are stored in hot where houses before being transferred to grocery stores and other places.

Ingredients such as retinol, benzoyl peroxide, peptides and ascorbic acid can be rendered completely worthless if the heat gets too high.

If it gets too cold the chemical integrity of the product can be damaged. Organic products do not have preservatives to protect them against varying temperatures and are very viable to extreme hundred stream cold temperatures.


Most products have a generic form of the product that is sold in conjunction to the well-known product. The lookalikes may appear to have the same active ingredient and be the same as the real product but they cost less and therefore deliver less. The order in which ingredients or add it is very important when making products because of the temperature, pH and other reasons. Look-alike products usually have a different amount of the active ingredient and it could have been added at a different part of the process making a private significantly different than the real thing.

Expired products

This happens more often than you think with skincare brand. Especially online, prices could be slashed and you may think you’re getting a great deal but often times the expiration date is actually remove from the package so you don’t realize that the product is actually expired however many months or years earlier. Products to grade with time in exposure so using an expired product could actually cause rash and irritation.

Opting for high end private label cosmetics from your doctor is the best way to go. You may think high end private label cosmetics sounds too pricey but the truth is you get what you pay for.

When you use generic off the shelf products, you generally have to use a lot because of how water down the product is but a true high end private label cosmetics brand will have that consistency that allows you to use only a little bit which makes it last longer then your huge generic bottle.

The truth is, how can you put a price on your skin? Don’t risk using something that will damage your skin anymore.

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