You Need These Accessories for Back Country Snowmobiling

If you love snowmobiling in the back country, it’s important to make sure you have all the right Arctic Cat accessories on hand. Having the right accessories for your snowmobile can make all the difference in the world on a winter ride, after all. Let’s review a few key accessories you need to make sure you have if you enjoy riding in the back country during the winter.

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One of the first things you should be investing in is a skid plate. This plate is attached to the belly of your snowmobile and helps protect the undercarriage from anything sharp or rough on the trails. If you want to make sure a root or stray rock doesn’t damage your snowmobile, then a skid plate is an absolute must.

Another important investment you need to make is in toe hooks. These accessories are attached to the footrests on your snowmobile and ensure that your feet stay locked securely in place while you’re riding. Having good traction on your snowmobile while you’re riding is key to your safety on the trails. There’s nothing worse than falling off while you’re on a back country ride.


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