You’ll Never Guess How I lost 30 Pounds

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When I sat down I used to get little dimples on the sides of my thighs, you know those? I’m wasn’t quite in the cellulite range but those little sit dimples got to me. My workout plan wasn’t particularly rigorous; I wasn’t looking to get ripped. I just couldn’t stand those sneaky little dimples.
I read up on the piyo diet plan and was hooked when I read, “YOU need to decide EVERY SINGLE DAY if you will keep moving (however imperfectly) toward your goals or if today is the day you will give up.”
OK, I thought, these people are being straight with me. They willingly recognize, unlike so many diet solutions, that addressing this thigh dimple thing was actually going to take some work on my part. The piyo meal plan wasn’t so bad. It was flexible for my life. Ya know, so few people get any physical activity. Less than 5% get 30 minutes per day so not just for me, but for those folks, the piyo thing made a lost of sense. Eat veggies and lean meats. Not so bad.
By April my thigh dimples where gone, hurray! I read that only 20 percent of those who lose weight actually stay slimmed down – most gain it right back. In an effort to avoid that – and to sculpt some abs for summer, I sought out a more rigorous fitness plan.
With my piyo diet plan still in place, I delved into researching beach body programs. Not just for the beach bod, of course. I was also looking out for my health! The CDC says that three fourths of health care spending is on preventable diseases that are related to diet (Diabetes, and all that). I felt justified in continuing to improve my body past the little thigh dimples.
My fitness coach connected me to the moves I needed to get my body where I wanted it. He also taught me all kinds of cool things like:
– If you can’t work out for a long sting, set aside a few small workout sessions per day, 10 minutes here and there still does the job!
– Walking quickly with no incline is still exercise! If can scurry out to my favorite vegan lunch spot and get my work out in – at the same time! It’s considered moderate-intensity, so I pair it with harder stuff later. But all exercise is good exercise!
– Doing all of this could be adding years to my life! He said the British Medical Journal (he’s British, of course) suggests that eating right and avoiding stuff like smoking and heavy drinking could add five years to my life!
I haven’t – for even a moment, missed my thigh dimples and I surely that my hot British trainer and piyo diet plan to thank. I’ve never felt better and there is no endpoint. Eating delicious, nutritious food and getting my body moving is now an ingrained part of my life and routine

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