Your Hepatobillary Surgery Options and Outcomes

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It can be a scary and anxiety producing time if you are diagnosed with cancer. Many questions begin running through your mind, am I going to be okay? How serious is it? What are my chances of making it? How will I tell my family and friends? Most importantly, what are my options for treatment? With the increase of technology and research, there are options available today for treating different types of cancer. The type of treatment often depends on the location and the amount that is present.

Surgery is an important step in the treatment of cancer. It is a procedure that is done to remove the cancerous area, preventing it from spreading any further. It can also be used to get a handle on the disease that has spread too much to be treated with other ways. Often, the chances of survival increase after a surgery is performed. According to the American Liver Foundation, there were over 16,000 patients on the national waiting list as of October 2012. Surgery can be an option for people who may not make it long enough to obtain a new liver.

Hepatobiliary surgery, pancreatic surgery, liver surgery and colon surgery are surgeries that have results, but not everyone can undergo this type of surgery. A liver surgeon is a good place to get necessary information and resources from. Overall, only between 15 out of 100 people (15%) and 25 out of 100 people (25%) survive for 5 years or more after surgery to remove liver cancer (liver resection). But in people who have cancers that are less than 3cm across, more than 50 out of 100 (50%) will survive for more than 5 years. However, unfortunately, only a small portion of people with liver cancer are able to have surgery.

However, these numbers are increasing. The percentage of patients who can now be considered for liver resection has jumped to almost 30%. In recent years, better survival rates for patients with primary or metastatic liver cancer have been reported. Hepatobiliary surgery is improving, and the number of people who could see success from it is increasing. Pancreas surgery and colon surgery are additional surgeries that can provide benefits should the person be a candidate for that specific surgery.

It is important to research your options when looking for treatment. Hepatobiliary surgery, transplants and other types of surgery are all options. Not everyone is able to undergo this type of surgery, and this option should be clearly discussed with a medical professional.

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