6 Tips for a More Intense Cardio Workout

Cardio workouts are very important for your heart and body. Whether you are taking cardio classes or running, the following 6 tips should necessarily be adopted for good heart health.

  1. Include sprinting intervals:

Sprinting intervals is a method of reducing your body weight along with belly fat.  It is said that by alternating between few minutes, you burn your more calories. If you intend to be stronger and faster, must include sprinting intervals in your exercise.

  1. Use those arms:

Most of the exercise forms are only designed for legs but you should not confine yourself to legs only. Try to practice arms exercise too. It is said that the best exercise of arms is swinging them while running. Besides, they must not be forgotten when you are in Zumba or attending your cardio health training.

  1. Lengthen the duration of your workout:

Most of the cardio workouts last between 25 to 46 minutes.  You should not follow this time limitations. It would be better if you add more minutes to your workouts.

  1. Incorporate strength training:

The prime focus of cardio workouts is to burn your calories through different types of exercises, but the time you spend on these exercises can also be spent for strengthening your muscles.  Hiking and swimming are the best ways to strengthen your muscles.

  1. Do more than two types of cardio a week:

You should not adopt a certain type of workout for the whole week. Experts say that those people who use different types of cardio workouts improve their overall body endurance. Hence, you should not confine yourself to certain workouts.

  1. Make it harder:

Try to make your cardio workout challenging and adventurous. Take for the granted, you should run on high knees, stand on your bike, butterfly strokes etc.  Hence, you should always prefer hard workouts rather than repeating the same and easy workouts.

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