3 Beneficial Reasons to Consider Having an FUE Transplant

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If you’re suspecting that you might be starting to go bald, you aren’t alone. In fact, statistics show that nearly 35 million men throughout the United States are currently dealing with some type of hair loss. Considering that, it’s understandable to begin thinking about hair replacement options. After all, you don’t want to be the person having to deal with a wig. That being said, there are numerous hair restoration procedures to consider. With that in mind, here are three important reasons to consider FUE hair transplant.

  1. Not as Invasive as Other Hair Restoration Methods

    One drawback of certain hair restoration methods is that some can be invasive as well as downright painful. With that in mind, it’s wise to consider FUE while looking for a hair transplant option that isn’t invasive. The FUE transplant process doesn’t rely on scalp tissue being pulled as you’ll see with other hair restoration methods.
  2. The Procedure is Completed in a Fast Amount of Time

    Many people live exceedingly busy lives. You likely have to balance both a home and work life, making finding free time nearly impossible. Considering that, you’re not going to want to keep coming back and forth in order to have one procedure done. Certain hair procedures can take many appointments in order to fully complete. However, this isn’t the case with FUE transplants. In fact, many FUE transplant procedures can be entirely completed in just eight hours.
  3. Doesn’t Leave Behind Massive Scars

    It’s understandable that you don’t want your head covered in scars after a surgical procedure. Considering that, you’ll definitely want to consider an FUE transplant. This means that you can have an FUE transplant completed without worrying about having to hide unsightly scars. A FUSS transplant pulls hair from one main area which understandably causes pain and swelling to many patients. However, an FUE transplant is able to pull hairs from other areas without causing trauma to one main location of your head.

To summarize, many men will deal with hair loss at some point throughout their lives. If you’re considering hair restoration options, you’ll want to strongly think about FUE transplants. These transplants don’t leave behind unsightly scars. In addition, FUE transplant procedures can be completed in a short amount of time without being as invasive as the FUSS method of hair restoration. If you’re interested in having an FUE hair transplant conducted, it’s wise to speak with hair restoration professionals.

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