3 Things You Can Do to Shed Average Holiday Weight Gain — Even in Summer!

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Summer may have arrived, but if you’re still battling some winter weight, then you may feel like you’ve run out of options. The average holiday weight gain for most people can be anywhere from seven to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas alone, with more or less for some adults. However, whether you’re dealing with average holiday weight gain or not, you do have plenty of options to help you get fit — even at this point in the year.

What are some solutions you can use to shed unwanted seasonal weight gain? Here are three suggestions you might consider this summer.

  • Eat right. According to current research, 80% of maintaining a healthy weight is attributed to eating right. (The remaining 20% goes to exercise.) In order to start, make sure to cut the worst offenders from your diet: for most people, that’s processed sugars and carbohydrates. Supplement snack times and meals with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and eat lean meats over fried items. If you’re normally a fan of gulping down soda, hydrate with water instead. Talk to your doctor about what kind of diet may be right for you.
  • Get some exercise. Just because diet may play more of a role in weight maintenance and weight loss doesn’t mean that you should neglect exercise. Make sure you take the time to research a fitness program that could be right for you. For instance, you may prefer trying something new, like tennis for beginners, if that’s something you’d like. Tennis at a racquet club is an ideal sport for weight loss because it combines aerobic and cardiovascular exercises with movements that promote balance and coordination. You can also find general health and fitness clubs that offer custom workouts and exercise equipment, too.
  • De-stress. Most people know that stress leads to weight gain, but they may not know what to do about their problems with stress. One solution is to look into a luxury spa to find out about the different types of spa treatments that they offer. Massage is a popular way to reduce stress when you’re at your busiest, and between July 2013 and July 2014, 32.6 million took advantage of this treatment. During that time, at least 23% of those massage customers opted for this treatment in order to reduce stress. By taking the time for yourself to relax, you might be able to eliminate cravings and make healthier decisions on a day to day basis.

How do you plan to beat your average holiday weight gain for 2015? Tell us your weight loss plan in the comments.

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