Victoria’s Real Secret? No One Has a Perfect Body — Even Models

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Engaging in social media, watching TV, and seeing advertising can make it seem as though everyone besides you has a perfect, cellulite-free body. However, this is far from the truth.

Did you know that an overwhelming majority of women — 98% — have some form of cellulite? That’s right. That means that your favorite Victoria’s Secret model is likely to have not only cellulite, but a few stretch marks too.

International supermodel and wife to Academy and Grammy award-winning musician recently made headlines when she revealed her stretch marks via a post on Instagram. Affectionately referring to stretch marks as “stretchies” the half-Vietnamese bombshell felt compelled to show the world that no one — especially supermodels like her — is perfect.

Similarly, many other celebrities, models, and entertainers belonging to Hollywood’s elite have cautioned their fans not to buy into the hype of photo retouching by posting revealing, intimate pictures of themselves on social media. These pictures are often a stark contract to the ones printed on glossy magazine pages or the ones posted online.

In fact, transparency regarding cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures seems to have become the norm, as more and more celebrities are not only admitting to, but sharing their cellulite removal, stretch mark removal, and tummy tuck procedures with their fans.

While these very personal and often intimate journeys have given fans an inside look into the lives of their favorite celebrities, it also highlights the limitations of what exercise is truly capable of. Exercise can be used to strengthen and tone muscle, which in turn encourages definition, however, it cannot be used as a means of cellulite removal.

Even athletes are prone to cellulite! It is simply a fact of life that is best treated by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. However, exercise may enhance any results from cellulite removal by increasing the definition of the underlying muscle, improving circulation, and by increasing self esteem. Links like this.

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