4 Common Reasons People Feel Dizzy

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Many people experience feeling dizzy at someone in their lives. Statistics show that dizziness is the second most heard compliant in doctor’s offices. It’s understandable to feel concerned while experiencing chronic bouts of dizziness. You’ll find that a wide range of ailments can cause people to repeatedly feel dizzy. It makes sense to want to learn about which conditions are known to cause feelings of dizziness. In many cases, it’s best to visit an urgent care facility to have your dizziness cause identified and treated. Here are four common causes of dizziness.

  1. Ear Infection

    It’s easy to forget that the ears play a huge part in keeping humans balanced. Fluid within the ear needs to remain at flat levels. Ear infections can occur for a wide range of reasons. People that experience these infections often have to deal with changes in inner fluid levels. It’s common to experience dizziness as the result of an ear infection. You’ll want to avoid an emergency room physician when seeking ear infection treatment. Many emergency rooms will turn patients away with conditions that aren’t life threatening including ear infections. You’ll find that it’s best to automatically seek treatment at an urgent care facility when an ear infection begins.
  2. Dehydration

    Not everyone knows when they are dehydrated. In some cases, dehydration can happen suddenly as the result of a massive loss of fluids. It’s common for more cases of dehydration to be reported during warmer months of the year. Exerting energy in warmer temperatures causes the body to produce more sweat. If fluids aren’t replenished after being lost through sweat, dehydration often takes place. An urgent care facility can help ensure patients receive proper hydration in a fast and efficient manner. It’s best to take someone to an emergency room physician in cases of extreme dehydration.
  3. Anxiety

    Individuals with anxiety often perceive mundane situations to be highly stressful. Anxious people often feel their anxiety levels increase while dealing with stressful situations. One common side effect of anxiety disorders is feeling dizzy. It’s understandable for people living with anxiety to find dizziness to worsen anxious thoughts. An urgent care facility can work to ensure a patient receives the proper treatment for anxiety issues. Anxiety disorders affect a large number of people throughout the world. Many people find living with anxiety is easier after receiving treatment for this condition.
  4. Low Blood Sugar Levels

    Diabetes is a condition that affects many individuals including senior citizens. Statistics show that nearly 65% of people over the age of 60 regularly experience losing their balance. In many cases, low blood sugar levels can cause someone to feel dizzy. An emergency room physician will often refer patients with blood sugar problems to a nearby urgent care clinic. Statistics show that nearly 3 million people visit urgent care centers per week. An urgent care facility will help to ensure any blood sugar problems are handled right away.

In summary, there are several common reasons people experience feelings of dizziness. Many people deal with sinus infections during season changes. Unfortunately, untreated sinus infections can wreak havoc on nearby areas of the body including the ears. One of the most common side effects associated with an ear infection is experiencing bouts of dizziness. An emergency room physician often treats extremely dehydrated individuals. If you’re beginning to feel dizzy, it’s best to take a few large drinks of water. Anxious individuals often feel dizzy while they are in especially stressful situations. Diabetic people might feel dizzy after experiencing a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Many people utilize an urgent care facility for fast and efficient treatment of dizziness.

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