Causes and Therapy for Low Testosterone

Hormone replacement

It is estimated that as many as 13 million American men may have low testosterone. Normal testosterone levels are between 300 and 1,200 nanograms per deciliter and fluctuate throughout the day. This includes men between 35 and 55 who are single or married, with and without kids, and are executives and blue collar who make mostly higher income wages. Some men are suspicious about how does testosterone therapy works. About four out of 10 men over the age of 45 have low testosterone. Interestingly, male testosterone levels are 20% lower today relative to men?s levels just 20 years ago.

Of course, testosterone levels vary from man to man and are known to decrease by 1% per year after the age of 30. A man’s testosterone levels will typically peak somewhere between the age of 20 and 30. There are several studies that have linked low testosterone to other conditions. Research in the Endocrine Journal revealed that 23% of young men with newly diagnosed low testosterone met the criteria for depression, compared to only 5% of their peers with normal levels of the hormone. Studies also showed that the odds of having low testosterone are 2.4 times higher in obese men. In a recent study of testicular cancer survivors, 38% had low testosterone levels, known as hypogonadism. Men may resist therapy because they are not totally aware of how does testosterone therapy work.

Even with all the facts, 90% of men with low testosterone receive no treatment. It appears very important that men with low testosterone receive testosterone therapy. Studies have shown that after testosterone replacement therapy, patients typically experience effects on quality of life within three to four weeks. So, how does testosterone therapy work? It includes losing weight since people who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogram of weight they carry.

Low testosterone treatment cause muscle loss
. It also causes hair loss, fatigue, and hormone imbalance. Hormonal imbalances lead to a host of chronic health problems. There are several low testosterone treatment centers where you can check your testosterone levels and get treatment for low testosterone levels. The initial consultation with a health practitioner includes a physical exam and complete lab work. Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy include improving energy levels and improve sex drive.

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