5 Dietary Supplements That Will Boost Your Metabolism

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People are always looking for ways to boost their metabolism. Experts say that about 70% of a person’s energy expenditures are sue to the basal metabolic rate (BMR). They note that only 20% of the average energy usage is due to exercise. In people who are very active physically, that amount can be as high as 50%. If someone is less active, it can be less than that. Diet induced thermogenesis is responsible for about 10% of a person’s overall energy usage for any given day. Supplements have been popular since the 1940s when they were first developed and introduced to the general public. These include antioxidant supplements and cellular health supplements. People are always looking for supplements to speed up metabolism. The good news on that front is that there are several supplements to speed up metabolism.

Things you can do to boost your metabolism:

  1. Take some fat burning supplements. Also called thermogenic supplements, these are made up primarily of caffeine and green tea extract, two substances that have been shown to burn fat. When research was done on these supplements, they were shown to raise the resting metabolic rate by between 7 and 9% compared to what happens with a placebo. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that these thermogenic supplements increase users’ ability to burn fat and raise the body’s base temperature. In addition to helping people burn more fat, the combination of green tea extract and caffeine spur the release of dopamine and epinephrine. These neurotransmitters help boost the metabolism as well.
  2. Get more selenium. Selenium can help with metabolism. The body regulates its metabolism with the thyroid gland. It releases hormones that are responsible for proper metabolism maintenance and keeping people’s energy level up. Selenium is considered to be one of the supplements to speed up metabolism because it is essential for keeping the thyroid gland healthy and happy. New research has shown that when people do not get enough selenium in their diets, they often suffer from some sort of thyroid disease. If you want to get it only from dietary sources, oysters and tuna are known to be packed with it.
  3. Get more dietary fiber. While this is not a supplement per se, it is considered to be one of the metabolic health products that can really help people keep their digestive system operating at its peak efficiency. When people get enough dietary fiber, it helps the digestive tract absorb its nutrients and other substances in a way that is most beneficial for overall health. The healthier you are, the better you are able to burn fat and calories. Some people find that they do not get enough fiber in their diet so they do take fiber supplements that they can either mix with water or take as a pill. In studies with rats, it was discovered that rats who were given more fiber were able to avoid certain problems that are associated with a high sugar or high fat diet. These findings were published in a 2015 edition of the magazine. “Obesity.”
  4. Take more zinc. Zinc is an incredibly important mineral. It is found in high concentrations in the human body. After calcium, zinc is the second most prevalent mineral that is found in the human body. The thyroid relies on zinc to make the hormones that control energy level and metabolism. It can also help control a person’s appetite, which is a key part of weight loss. Zinc is also essential for the correct functioning of the immune system. All of your systems run better when you have adequate zinc.
  5. Get more resveratrol. This is the substance that makes red wine good for your. It is also one of the supplements to speed up metabolism. When people take it for 30 days, people who are classified as obese show an increase in their metabolism when they are asleep. According to a study in Cell Metabolism, taking resveratrol boosts the metabolism of the mitochondria, which means it is easier for your cells to turn all the food you eat into fuel.

The good news is that there are plenty of supplements to speed up metabolism. They can help you lose weight and burn more fat.



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