Three Reasons So Many Americans Are Using Urgent Care Facilities

When you have a medical issue, and you can’t get in to see a doctor, visiting an urgent care clinic is a good way to get the medical care and treatment you need. A walk-in medical care clinic is a great place to see a doctor and get your health issues taken care of. You can see doctors with walk in clinic when you need to, even without an appointment. If you are looking for 24 hour walk in doctors near me and wondering is there a clinic near me, you just need to do a quick search online.

So, are walk in clinics free? No, you can expect to pay the average charge of doctors in your area. If you have insurance, make sure the clinic that you choose takes your insurance type. It’s great to be able to see a doctor on short notice when you really need one.

According to Becker Hospital Review, there are more than 9,000 urgent care facilities spread throughout the United States. As of the source’s most recent study, 40% of the local urgent care centers polled said that popularity is causing them to expand. In other words, urgent care facilities, once considered to be something of a fad, are here to say.

That being said, many people don’t understand the appeal of visiting an urgent care facility. If you’re one of the many who think that urgent care facilities are just small hospitals offering fewer services, here are three reason why you’re dead wrong.

Three Reasons Urgent Care Facilities Are So Popular

Urgent care facilities
  1. Greatly Reduced Waiting Times

As Urgent Care for Kids writes, whereas wait times in emergency rooms are known to reach as much as eight-hours, the best urgent care facilities are known for getting patients in within minutes. If you’re sitting in the waiting room in pain from an injury, this is a huge advantage.

  1. Walk-in Service

You know how annoying it can be to try and schedule an appointment with your doctor, only to have them tell you that you’re going to need to wait days, weeks, or even a month to finally get an appointment. As the Urgent Care Association of America points out, urgent care hours are setup to be more flexible, both for patients and staff, meaning that they can often take you in for physicals, check-ups, and treatment on a walk-in basis.

  1. Better Prices

The biggest advantage of using a urgent medical care center, perhaps, is the huge cost savings they offer over hospital care. As points out, undergoing the same procedures and treatments in an ER versus an urgent care facility can cost you many hundreds of dollars more. On average, they’ll cost you $228 to $583 more a pop!

As you can see, making the decision to use urgent care facilities brings a lot of benefits. The next time you have a non-life-threatening injury or illness, use your local center for quick service at greatly reduced costs. Read this for more.

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