Are You a Doctor? Here’s How You Can Make Supplemental Income!

Private labeling cosmetic companies

Many doctors who are looking to earn extra money might get frustrated with the lack of options for supplemental income, and feel like they are forced to take up another job to make ends meet. Instead of searching the local classified for a part-time job, why not take up more work that uses your medical expertise? There are multiple options for physicians that are looking to make options without having to expand their clinic, which can earn doctors thousands of dollars in extra income.

Private Label Products

Patients trust doctors to recommend the best products to them, so why not offer them the best skin care line with your clinic?s name on it? Private lake skin care manufacturers can create a customized organic skin care line with all the best natural skin products for every type of skin treatment. In addition to supplemental income, having your own clinical line of skin products will create a stronger relationship with your client.

Expert Witness

Due to their advanced level of knowledge in the medical field, doctors make great expert witnesses. Doctors can work directly for law firms, or other services that provide the courts with expert witnesses. Be warned that doctors who work as expert witnesses will have to sit through harsh cross-examinations. If you are able to take the stress of court life, you could be making between $200-$300 an hour.

Become a Supervisor

Nurse practitioners and physician assistance who enter into a private practice or retail clinic will have to have a doctor on site to help supervise their work. This can bring as much as $15,000 a year in supplemental income for doctors, for only a few hours of extra work a month. Doctors who work as a supervisor will work with those they are assisting to create protocols, sample charts, and provide general assistance when needed.

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