3 Steps to a Great Skin Care Routine

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Acne is now one of the most common skin disorders in America, as it affects about 40 to 50 million people. By their mid-teens, 40% have acne or acne scarring and 85% are affected at some point in their lifetime. To minimize both the occurrence and the effects of acne, a better skin care routine is in order. To do that, we’ve compiled a list of three steps you must keep up with in order to up your skin care routine.

Better Makeup

This one is simple: if you consistently use cheap makeup that dries out your face, you’ll have serious skin care issues. Skin products may also react badly to those makeups, making it even worse for your skin. Even the best skin care line won’t stand a chance if the chemicals react to the ones in cheap makeup. For this issue, you can try more high end cosmetic lines, or just use less of the cheap makeup. See where this takes you!

Wash Your Face

This one seems obvious but many forget it. It’s very important to consistently wash your face, especially if you’re seeing trouble with your routine. On the flip side though, be familiar with your skin. If your skin tends to dry easily, washing it too much can also be bad for acne and other skin conditions. Many skin care routines are based on the individual, so find what works for you.


The important thing after washing your face is moisturizing. This will allow your face to not dry out while also not becoming overly oily. Organic skin care options are great for moisturizing, so looking into those could be beneficial to your routine as well.

What do you think about these tips? Are you using them already or will you incorporate them? Do you have advice we missed? Let us know your thoughts and comments!

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