Are You Happy with the Image That You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Hair is nourished through the body’s blood supply, so what ever is going on in your body shows in your hair. If, for instance, you have high blood pressure or thyroid disease you hair will show it. In fact, in addition to the many other complications that are associated with high blood pressure and low cholesterol can also can also lead to thinning hair.

Fortunately, salons that offer hair replacement services can help clients who are looking for a way to have a fuller head of hair, whether the lack of hair is hereditary or caused by health complications. Given that so many Americans are looking for a way to improve their hair and to gain more confidence in how they look and how they feel.

Hair Replacement for Men Continues to be a Popular Option for Many
Hair restoration doctors offer a number of important purposes to make sure that you are able to look for your very best. In fact, finding a hair restoration expert can change your entire outlook on life and, in some cases, help you have more confidence in yourself in many areas of your life. Consider some of these facts and figures about the hair restoration industry and the many services that they offer:

  • 95% of hair loss in men is caused by common male pattern baldness.
  • Even though 82% of adults are aware that their hair loss is genetic, they can still be frustrated.
  • Although environmental factors can accelerate the process of balding, typical active hair loss can take anywhere from 10 to 20 years as a person’s hair continues to thin and miniaturize before the balding process completes itself.
  • 35 million men in the U.S. are experiencing hair loss.
  • 21 million women in the U.S. are experiencing hair loss.
  • Most people continue their active hair loss phase during a span of as many as 20 years.

Until balding, hair loss, or a combination of the two takes effect, a strand of hair grows for two to six years, goes into a resting phase for several months, and then eventually falls out.

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