Are You in the Process of Recovering from a Knee or Back Surgery?

The stairs to the basement have been your thorn for years. You have been climbing stairs in your home, and everywhere, in fact, one foot to a step, then bring the next foot to that same step for a number of years now. Good leg first then bring the bad one. Plodding up the stairs has been slow and you have learned to avoid stairs everywhere you can.

At eight weeks and two days post knee replacement, however, for the first time and without thinking about it, you did stairs the right way. Good leg up a stair and then your bad, but now much stronger leg, was able to skip to the next stair up. No pain, your legs stronger and your knee can support you now.

After more than eight years of dealing with your crappy right knee, modifying your life around the pain, not doing the things you wanted to do for me and with your family and your friends, you have now moved to a new part of your life. Avoiding stairs is over. The recovery has been hard, but then you climb the stairs like a normal person without even realizing it and you know this has been worth every second of the hard work you have put into my recovery.

Watch out world! You are, literally, ready for the next step!

A Wardrobe Change Can Help Chronic Pain Patients

Anyone who knows you knows that you absolutely love shoes. Following your recent knee surgery, however, you walk much better and not on the side of your foot anymore. This means that an entire tub full of shoes have to go. Some you are okay getting rid of. Some you are more than sad to throw into the discard pile. Some were your my favorites. This wardrobe change is necessary if you want to continue to make progress as the weeks after rehab progress.

Another place you have avoided for a long time, even though many of your friends have not known, is the downtown entertainment area, which includes great restaurants, shops, and any manner of fun depending on the weekend. But for the last few years you have not dared to walk down in these spaces because of the bricked streets and sidewalks. Today, though, you tested the new knee and experienced a major success! You can walk in these rather unpredictable spaces and you do not feel like you are going to fall. You and your husband had a fabulous dinner at a great local restaurant.

Knee and Back Pain Sometimes Require Surgery

The road to recovery is often long, and it is often not very straight.

Whether you are dealing with chronic pain for spinal disorders or you are in the middle of rehabilitation after a knee surgery, you likely know that getting back to your normal self is not always easy. Finding a way to make sure that you get the care that you need so you can return to everyday routines often involves hours of rehab, lots of strength work, and, sometimes, private practice sessions with a yoga instructor or trainer.

Although everyone’s road to recovery can look a little different, it is important to make sure that you consider all of your available resources. Along with the regular rehabilitation exercises and strength work, many patients find that private practice sessions with an athletic trainer, yoga instructor, swim coach, or other kinds of fitness experts can help make the recovery process easier to manage.

From chiropractors to private practice sessions for getting your golf swing back, when you are dealing with a major surgery and its recovery process you often have to be very patient with yourself. Time is necessary and even the help of private practice sessions with a therapist or coach need to understand the moderation that is needed if you are recovery from a back or knee surgery.

Some of the latest research indicates that as many as 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain. When these sufferers are looking for solutions they often turn to surgeons and other resources. For example, of the 36.7 million yoga participants in the U.S., there are many who are looking for a way to have a pain free day.

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