Here are 3 Types of Medical Tests You Can Get Done at Urgent Care

You can find urgent care clinics in most cities and towns across the United States. Urgent care clinics are known for providing quality on-demand medical care for any patients who walk through their doors, but they do far more than that. Apart from examining and treating a variety of injuries and illnesses, urgent care can also provide a number of medical tests and walk in screenings for everyone who comes in for treatment. This article will take a loo at several types of medical tests that you can receive at an urgent care clinic.

  • Walk in Screening for Cancer: One type of test that you can have done at urgent care is walk in screenings that test for cancer. For example, urgent care clinics can offer walk in testing for breast cancer for those that need it. Cancer is something that should never be taken lightly, and testing for breast cancer should never be put off, so it’s very useful that urgent care clinics offer walk in screenings for those who want or need them.
  • Testing for STDs and HIV: Another type of test that you can have done at urgent care clinics is testing for STDs and HIV. There’s no denying that being infected with an STD, or worse, HIV, can have life altering consequences, which makes it doubly important to get tested if you even suspect that you’ve been infected. Since an appointment isn’t required, you can come in and have the testing done at any time, which is great since time can often be of the essence when you need to have these kinds of tests done.
  • Blood Tests: And finally, a third type of test that you can have done at urgent care clinics are blood tests. These cover several types of tests that examine your blood to see if you have certain types of illnesses or infections. Sometimes a blood test is the only way to detect these medical issues, and if you need one, you can quickly obtain one at an urgent care clinic with no appointment necessary.

In conclusion, there are several types of medical tests that you can get done at urgent care. These tests include, but are far rom limited to: walk in screenings for cancer, testing for STDs and HIV, and blood tests. These are just a few of the tests that urgent care clinics can offer.

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