Assistive Listening Devices Give Your Aging Parents the Gift of Sound Back

Hearing aid battery

Nearly one-third of U.S adults over the age of 65 have problems with their hearing. Ringing ears and not being able to identify sounds or hear that well can be extremely frustrating. These seniors have most likely spent their entire lives hearing just fine, and now that they’re older more and more problems with their ears have arose.

That’s why assistive listening devices like hearing aids are so important for struggling elders and anyone else with hearing issues. If your parents are in their 60s and are starting to have some serious hearing issues you should look into hearing aids with them.

These devices will give them back one of the most important senses and one that people often take for granted. After a few years or months or even days with limited to no hearing, you’ll wish — more than anything in the world — to be able to successfully hear again. Hearing aids can grant that wish and your aging loved ones will be able to have conversations again and they’ll be able to listen to the wonderful sounds of life.

These devices aren’t extremely high tech or difficult to work with, either, which is great for elders. The only items that are necessary are the hearing aids themselves and hearing aid batteries. It is very important that your aging parent or loved one does have plenty of the right kind of hearing aid batteries. If an elderly person with hearing problems runs out or doesn’t have the right size hearing aid batteries, it might take them a long time to get the help they need. They could potentially struggle to communicate their issue to anyone because they might not even realize the issue if they’ve had hearing problems for a while.

There is nothing better than hearing the sound of a child’s laughter. If an elder has had hearing problems for years and finally decides to take advantage of hearing aids — they will have the opportunity to hear their grandchildren again, some for the first time. Give your aging parents that experience as well — talk to them about their struggling with hearing today and think about how assistive listening devices can help.

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