Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Artificial disc institute

Artificial disc surgery is a relatively new procedure in the United States, but has been used in Europe for over 15 years and many people have experienced the benefits since the implementation of this procedure. Artificial disc replacement (ADR) is a surgical procedure undergone in order to replace degenerated intervertebral discs in the spine with artificial devices.

Roughly 65 million Americans suffer from spinal pain, including neck pain, each year but many of these victims go untreated for their conditions. It is crucial to understand the disorders of the spine, their symptoms, and the treatment one can receive.

A bulging disc occurs when the outer portion of the spinal disc pushes against the nearby nerves. This issue can occur from long-term wear and tear on the back or from an injury. Some symptoms include pain extending into the arms or legs due to the nerve being pressed on by the bulge. If left untreated, a herniation can occur and cause permanent nerve damage.

Disc degeneration occurs when the spinal discs weaken through general wear and tear. Senior citizens will most likely experience this degenerative disease in which the outer portion of the disc is worn away and cannot heal naturally.

A cervical disc herniation occurs when the inside of the disc protrudes beyond the outer wall of the disc itself. A disc acts as a cushion for the spinal bones, and if the disc slips out of place, not only will this send pain through the arms and legs, but also surgery would be needed to correct the issue.

Other spinal disorders have the same affects- radiating pain into the limbs, acute pain in one area of the back- and can lead to permanent nerve damage. This is where artificial disc replacement surgery could be beneficial.

Artificial disc surgery usually takes 1 hour to complete, and only a few days are needed for healing and recovery. Regarding a spinal disc replacement surgery for the neck (where many problems and disorders arise), a small and simple incision is made and small surgical instruments are used to replace the damaged discs, nerves, and/or tissues.

Once the artificial disc replacement surgery is complete, patients will experience, on average, a 10% increase in their range of motion. Recovery time is very minimal, and no neckbrace is needed, unlike for a spinal fusion procedure.

In order to qualify for this procedure, your surgeon will recommend maintaining a healthy diet and weight so that your body can be properly prepared for the procedure and reduce the number of complications afterwards. Artificial disc replacement surgery is a great option; it’s safer, minimally invasive, and the recovery time is next to nothing with a better chance of seeing and feeling results.


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