Why Facial Fillers Could be the Answer to Your Aging Skin Prayers

Botox treatment

In the battle against age, our skin always loses. Wrinkles and fine lines form around our mouth, eyes, and nose over time, often making us look more our age than we want them to.

For this reason, millions of people in America elect both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures every year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that in 2013 alone, more than 13 million people opted for non-invasive treatments, such as chemical peels, Botox injections, and laser skin resurfacing.

But one procedure that is fairly popular for reducing wrinkles is cosmetic facial fillers.

Here are few of the most common facial fillers, also called dermal fillers, on the market.

  • Juvederm. Made up of hyaluronic acid, Juvederm is a cosmetic substance that helps to fill in areas that may be sagging or lacking collagen. The acid, which is actually found in the tendons, muscle and skin of all mammals, is manufactured into a gel for Juvederm injections, and often lasts a patient four to six months. Many patients prefer Juvederm fillers because they often offer a smoother finish than other brands.
  • Restylane. Used in more than 11 million treatments around the world, Restylane was the first dermal filler approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The filler is made up of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid, and it is commonly used to fill in lines around the mouth, as well as near nasolabial folds — lines that form between the nose and mouth. The intent of Restylane is to increase the skin’s elasticity, giving it more volume.
  • Sculptra. Approved by the FDA in 2004 to help lipoatrophy, or loss of fat in the face, Sculptra is made up of poly-L-lactic acid. The injections are meant to help skin appear more full through collagen stimulation. This treatment has often been used on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients who suffer from lipoatrophy because of the side effects of anti-HIV drugs.

With the help of Restylane, Sculptra, and Juvederm fillers, you could restore your skin back to an elasticity that makes you look younger, and more vibrant. More on this topic.

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