Bicycle Riding Continues to Grow in Popularity

It is time for an upgrade. When you initially began riding your bike because you were bored walking in circles around the park behind yourself you were satisfied with the old bike that you had in the garage. Now that you are traveling many miles a week, however, you have decided that you need to upgrade the kind of bike that you are riding. You have decided to purchase a bike with a White industries crankset and a more comfortable leather bike seat, as well as a a lighter steel track frame and the latest design in bicycle toe clips.

Whether you ride a bike for the purpose of getting to and from work or you use this activity as a way to exercise before or after work, it can make a big difference depending on the kind of bicycle that you can have. With the latest developments in lighter weight bikes and the efficiency of White industries cranksets, bike riding can be more enjoyable, effective, and comfortable.

The Biking Industry Continues to Expand in Many Parts of the Country

Whether you are looking for a new single speed crank for a leisurely ride around the closets lake or you are searching for a multi speed bike that can help you ride through very terrains and elevations, you are part of an increasing number of people who are finding ways to get more exercise, while also reducing their carbon foot print. The most recent statistics from the spring of 2017 indicated that 66.21 million people in the U.S. had gone cycling within the last 12 months. This is great news for people who are trying to get in shape, because another set of statistics from that same year indicated that making the decision to bike to work burns as much fat as spending 40 minutes at the gym five days a week.
In addition to beneficial to the health of the riders, biking also helps the environment. In fact, research indicates that if 20% of short car trips were replaced by bicycle trips in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, it would prevent 57,405 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted. imagine the impact that biking in cities across the nation could have.

Whether you are happy to ride the bike you have or you are ready to make an upgrade, bike riding is a great way to help both yourself and the planet.

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