Chronic Pains and Alternate Treatments

The Unconscious Mind and the Physical Body

People as a whole in today’s society work long hours, sleep less, and provide poor nutrition for their bodies to repair the damage that’s been done throughout the day. Unconsciously we are tearing down and ripping apart the very machine which provides us with our own personal existence. We give ourselves the excuse of “there’s just not enough time in a single day” or “it’s too expensive to eat healthy” and the favorite most often used, “I’m just too tired/exhausted from work”. Whether it be a lack of knowledge caused by one’s upbringing or blatant disregard for information given, daily we are destroying our bodies for the sake of survival.

Due to the inadequate care we provide for our physic, we gain aches and pains that we tend to ignore; blaming the momentum of the working day. Sadly, by avoiding the obvious screams from our joints and muscles, we increase the risk of severely damaging our functioning parts causing unnecessary surgical procedures. Chronic pains such as back pain resulting from spinal disorders and herniated discs, previous hip fractures and shoulder dislocations, or the infamous deterioration of the meniscus disc cushioning our knees are just to name a few. Each year one-half of all working Americans admit to having one of the most common complaints seen in physicians offices, back pain symptoms.

These back pain disorders can be caused due to one or multiple issues that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. Blunt force trauma, birth defects, obesity, and chronic illness are all reasons for spinal disorders. Knowing the issue causing the pain is only half the battle; gaining knowledge, researching treatments and rehabilitation aspects is continues. Many physicians dedicate their practice to assisting the community in reprieving their daily pains and/or spinal disorders by way of chronic pain management, organic non-GMO medicines, nutritional medical foods, yoga, or mindfulness meditation to avoid costly surgeries.

Dr. Michael Sinel is one of these doctors whom would rather take a more holistic and nonsurgical approach to aiding the body in healing. For example, using yoga for back pain, or fibromyalgia yoga, autonomic arousal mind body connection, mindfulness meditation, and Theramine for pain just to name a few. These techniques establish the unconscious thought process and create a calm environment in which the pathways from the brain to the body are made clear and focused. Because of physicians like Michael Sinel M.D. whom provide private practice sessions like these, allows for a much broader spectrum for rehabilitation and restoration.

Another example of the more common spinal disorders is known as scoliosis, which causes unnatural curvature of the entire spine and forcing unnecessary pressures along the interior muscle wall. Usually the only solution to correct this diagnosis would be spinal surgery which can cause excruciating pain and long term rehab with pain management; but because of doctors like Michael Sinel MD, there are options that are less invasive, low cost, and quicker healing times. Chiropractors are one of these specialty doctors that specifically deals with spinal disorders and correcting the disease by way of spinal vertebrae adjustments and strengthening the back muscular wall. The reason for this is because they learned the spinal column is moveable, allowing farther “range of motion” and can be popped back into place slowly, along with relaxing and strengthening the muscles around the spine.

Moving forward into the future and researching various options when dealing with your health, consciously look for what best fits your needs, desires, and goals. Physicians, like Dr. Michael Sinel, have discovered multiple ways of assisting the human body with healing and managing your day to day aches. Chronic pains, spinal disorders and joint issues are only a couple of items on a long list of diagnosis’ and illnesses that oppress the average working American. Knowledge is power, research is an option, provide your machine with the best possible alternatives to live your most excellent quality of life.

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