Do Skincare Products Have Therapeutic Effects?

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It’s common knowledge that stress can give you wrinkles. Luckily, taking up a regular skincare routine helps prevent wrinkles — and a new study shows that it may help alleviate stress, too! Users of the skincare subreddit, Skincare Addiction, recently spoke about the therapeutic effects of putting on makeup and applying skincare products. Video bloggers, also called “vloggers,” heartily chimed in, and now even researchers are saying that these groups may be onto something.

Psychologist Confirms Theory Of Stress-Relieving Skincare

“This sort of ritual is a way to create a sense of control,” a psychologist at the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women’s Health at NYU Langone Medical Center, Jennifer Wolkin, says of the phenomena. “Those who do this are decreasing negative thoughts or reducing uncertainty to create an illusion of control.” While it may sound like a complex idea, it boils to taking your mind off of upsetting things.

A Cyclical Effect

Many people believe that, if you look good, you feel good. While there are always exceptions, this theory also holds a lot more clout than previously thought. In a study of 250 patients from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, patients described as “baby-faced” — or patients over 50 with notably youthful features — were happier than their peers.

Patients can reap the benefits of this effect by reducing stress levels and practicing a regular skincare regime — and, again, these actions may go hand-in-hand! If you have particularly oily skin, particularly dry skin, or particularly problematic skin, it can be helpful to add high end private label cosmetics or private label skin care, private label skincare for doctors or private label skincare for spas, to your routine.

Having fewer wrinkles and looking good makes you feel better. And using regular or professional skin care products to do it, thankfully, can also improve your mood. Ask about private label skincare for doctors and add it to your routine to look and feel better today. Good references. More can be found here.

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