Do You Really Need Anyone Else? Original Tips and Ideas for Self Love

Sometimes, when you’re single, all you see are happy couples. You wish, in vain, to find the right person to love. But, while there’s nothing wrong with hoping to find The One, why not give yourself some well-deserved appreciation? Here are some suggestions for treating yourself like the awesome person you are:

1. Greenify Your Home

Maybe you wish someone would dazzle you with attention and shower you with flowers. But do you really need anyone else to do that? If you love to look at and smell fresh flowers, why not buy a bouquet for yourself? Better still, raise some eyebrows at work by having some flowers delivered to your desk.

While enjoying flowers is easy to understand, one way to instill positive feelings into your everyday life is placing some plants or trees around your home. Not only will the plants bring some outdoor beauty indoors, but studies show greenery improves the way you feel. Because plants absorb the carbon dioxide you breathe, the air inside your home will be refreshed – and you’ll feel much better.

Having green plants in your home has been shown to remove toxins from the air you breathe. Indoor plants will also increase your concentration, and the beautiful green color will boost your mood. If something as simple as plants can bring that much positivity into your life, why wait for someone else to do it? Put a Ficus near your front door, or an aloe in your alcove today.

2. Clean Your Water

Drinking water is essential for your health. Unfortunately, the water in your kitchen faucet isn’t always chemical–free, and it doesn’t always taste good. Your municipality may do its best to make your water safe, but your water sometimes contains bacteria despite your water company’s best efforts. You may wish someone cared about you enough to hire one of the local water treatment companies.

Someone does care about you enough to help you get water treatment, and it’s you! Do you need anyone else to do something that will make such a significant difference in your life? Contaminants in your drinking water don’t always have a foul odor or unusual color. You can contact a home water company to test your water for contaminants or for its hardness level.

Hard water is often found in home water systems and has a high calcium and magnesium level. If the water professional finds hard water in your home, they can provide information about water softening systems. They may recommend a water filtration system for contaminants in your water. Every time you drink your healthier water, it’ll be like drinking in some self-admiration.

3: Treat Yourself to Some Jewelry

When you dream about finding your true love, you may dream of one day seeing them give you a diamond ring. While the symbolism of a diamond ring can be a pledge of marriage, why does it have to be? If you want a diamond ring, do you really need anyone else to buy that ring? There’s nothing wrong with showing yourself some love.

If someone picks out a ring for you, you may prefer something a different setting or shape of that diamond. You can pick out the style and size if you choose diamond for yourself. Perhaps you’d prefer a ring with a mixture of diamonds and pearls. When you buy jewelry for yourself, the choice is up to you.

You work hard, so you should reward yourself. Buying yourself a diamond ring will give you an everyday reminder of how awesome you’re discovering yourself to be. By buying yourself a diamond ring (or a bracelet, earrings, or necklace), you’re reminding yourself you don’t need someone else to prove you’re special.

4. Upgrade Your Ride

If you drive a truck, you may wish it could have an upgraded appearance. You might have a home business you want to promote on your truck. Truck wrapping uses rolls of vinyl to display graphics or the name of a company. Truck wrapping services are often used as a ‘traveling billboard’ to promote a business or service.

Truck wrapping can also be used to change your truck’s appearance to what you’d like it to be. Truck wrapping is quicker and less expensive than a paint job. If you have a home business, you’d have a 24/7 advertisement for your business on your truck.

You may wish you had someone in your life who could help you apply a truck wrap. But do you really need anyone else to transform your truck? Why not contact a truck wrapping company and get the job done for yourself? Once you put a wrap on your ride, you’ll be driving it with pride.

5. Customize Your Car

Maybe you drive a car instead of a truck and would like to reduce solar glare or UV rays. Perhaps you’d prefer looking at the surrounding cars through a pink or purple window. With window tinting services, a thin layer of laminate is applied to your window. You can see clearly through the tinting, and the cars and pedestrians around you will appreciate the color.

When ultraviolet rays flow into your car, they can fade your interior and carpets. Ultraviolet rays can also put you at risk for skin cancer. Solar glare will raise the interior temperature of your car, resulting in increased energy and fuel use for your vehicle. As for changing your car’s appearance – if you want it, you should do it. Do you really need anyone else to make this happen for you?

Many people who choose window tinting have been able to do it for themselves. You can find kits – and advice – from the staff at an auto parts store. Window tinting is not an easy process, and if you’re not careful, you may get a kit that doesn’t fit your car’s windows. But, if you do it yourself, you’ll have the pride of learning a new skill – plus getting impressive, tinted windows.

6. Learn Your Rights

Maybe you’re single because your previous marriage is over. The period after a divorce can be challenging, but you can also use it to get to know yourself better. You can also use it to show yourself some much-deserved appreciation. In any situation involving a possible divorce, you need to protect your rights and fight for what you deserve.

Marriage is a legal partnership; if it’s over, the best way to protect yourself is to contact a family lawyer to establish your rights. It can be hard to admit it’s over when you love someone. You may also hesitate to file for divorce because you fear being alone. But do you really need anyone else? A divorce may be your chance to prove you can care for – and about yourself.

Even if you’re not yet ready for a divorce, your financial status and the custody of your children need to be legally protected. Family lawyers are well-versed in the laws of your state concerning divorce, child custody, and alimony. A family lawyer will support you through your separation and divorce, help you complete any paperwork, and let you know in advance of any fees you will need to pay.

7. Upgrade Your Home

While learning about yourself, you may prefer some changes to the features in your home. If you have wooden or tile floors, you may choose a different type of surface – especially if you enjoy walking barefoot inside your home. Seamless floors are made by using poured epoxy or urethane. When they are installed, your floors will be smooth and attractive.

In addition to the smoothness of its finish, many people opt for seamless floors because of the many design choices. You can choose a seamless floor in just one color. Or you can select a pattern with an attractive mosaic pattern or ingrained flakes of quartz. You’ll be glad to know these floors can be installed and ready to use within a few days.

This choice concerns the floor you walk on daily– a significant part of your home. These floors may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, and you may wish there was someone to do this for you. However, do you really need anyone else to do something to increase your home’s market value? Make these floors one of the many ways you’ll decide to give yourself the love you deserve.

8. Decorate Your Room

Just as changing the appearance of your floor can boost your mood, consider changing the room which may be most personal to you. You may already have painted your bedroom in your favorite color you like and picked out your favorite curtain pattern. But take this opportunity to ask yourself if there’s something you want to add – but you’ve been hesitant to splurge on yourself to that extent. What might you choose to celebrate yourself and add flair to your room?

One trending upgrade for your bedroom is to add some LED signs. LED (light emitting diode) lights are bright and amusing. You can buy an LED banner around the ceiling of your room or use an LED sign that displays your favorite saying. Many people enjoy dimming the lights and relaxing in the glow of LED lights.

LED lights last a long time and are difficult to break. Do you really need anyone else to light up your room? One of the most convincing reasons to buy these lights is that they use a minimum amount of energy – so they won’t significantly increase your utility bills.

9. Throw a Party

During the time you’ve been ‘dating yourself,’ you’ve probably learned things you may now want to celebrate. Whether your birthday is coming soon, or you want to celebrate a holiday, you might feel like having a party. Do you really need anyone else to help you organize and throw a party? Since the party will celebrate you, you’re the best person to plan and organize it.

During your planning, allow your desire to celebrate yourself to guide your choices. Self-concelebration could be the theme of the party. Instruct your guests to dress in a way that honors their favorite character asset – or their favorite literary character. If you ask each of your guests to text you a few songs or some refreshment suggestions, you can compile the party playlist and a menu.

As you plan, remember to get enough party basics like disposable plates and utensils. You’ll need to borrow or rent some chairs to accommodate all the guests. Some party planners forget the little things, like picking up enough ice for parties or ensuring enough extension cords to power all the devices. Plan your party well, and then have a great time with your guests.

10. Don’t Lie in Pain

If you have pain from a disease or a recent injury, you deserve pain relief. Pain medications may work somewhat but aren’t always consistent in their relief. Some people have found a better degree of comfort by finding a pain relief marijuana doctor. State laws differ regarding the legality of marijuana products, but most states allow the prescription of medical marijuana for specific conditions.

According to a study by the University of Sydney, people using medical marijuana listed pain relief as their most common condition. Participants stated they felt relief of their pain and felt a decrease in symptoms of depression or anxiety. In the U.S.A., chronic or severe pain is one of the conditions that qualify for the use of medical marijuana.

Pain research has shown there are certain substances secreted by the body when it feels pain. The cannabinoids in marijuana have been shown to decrease the amount of those substances, resulting in reduced pain. Do you need anyone else to help you find an effective solution to your pain? Contact your primary doctor to begin your quest to be free from pain.

When you’re dating someone, you get to know about them and which of their traits you appreciate. So, why not date yourself? Spend some time doing what you love and give yourself the same loving attention you would on a date. As you do, you’ll get to know – and appreciate – your true self.

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