Your Guide to Local Walk-In Clinics

If you’re not feeling well or have experienced a minor injury, you may try to make an appointment to be seen by your regular physician. But, if your physician doesn’t have any upcoming appointments if you need care after hours, or if it’s a weekend, you may be unsure of where to turn. While emergency rooms are always there to help with emergencies, some situations don’t require that level of care. That’s where local walk-in clinics, such as Metro Express Care, can come into play.

Local walk in clinics can be used for several minor conditions, including illnesses, ear infections, sprained ankles, rashes, or minor burns. These facilities are great for people of all ages, including infants and the elderly.

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If you or a loved one could benefit from medical care, but you aren’t sick enough for an emergency room, you can likely get the treatment you need from a clinic. The staff can help to diagnose you, treat you, and write any prescriptions you need. From there, you can schedule an appointment to follow up with your regular physician when they have an appointment available.


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