Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Free Walk In Clinics

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Low cost health clinics are a great idea for all cities. There are a lot of people that don’t have very good insurance or any insurance at all and having a place where they can go that won’t cost them a lot of money or none at all is important to people’s health and well being. Too many people forego getting regular check ups because they can’t afford it but really, you can’t afford not to. A free walk in clinic is the best place for people to get a lot of things done from std testing procedures to even regular check ups. There are a lot of things that you can do at a medical walk in clinic that are not much different to a regular doctor’s office.

Who qualifies to go to a walk in clinic?
You don’t have to be poor or rich to qualify, pretty much anyone can walk in and be seen. Walk in clinics will accept cash or check as well as debit and credit cards for payment. As long as you can pay at the time of your service then you qualify. You can ask for a statement if you think you might be able to get a reimbursement from your insurance. They are just glad you aren’t using home STD testing or diagnosing yourself on the Internet.

What gets treated at walk in clinics?
A low cost or free clinic can treat minor problems or conditions. They usually offer STD testing which is far superior that home STD testing. They also will see to less serious sickness such as colds and the flu. You may be able to get the flu shot at one of these clinics. You can also get free pregnancy tests done with a blood test instead of the typical urine test like the home tests. They do not treat babies. Only children over two years of age should go to a free clinic. Babies would need to go to an urgent care or emergency room where they have more equipment available to them.

Can you still go if you have insurance?
Yes you can. If you have an insurance card that is valid and accepted by the medical clinic, then they will probably be willing to bill your insurance for your visit. As long as the providers of the walk in clinic and your insurance company have a contract, they will have their set prices. This means that cash prices might be different thatn the contracted insurance prices. If you want to recieve the cash prices then you’ll have to pay in full with a cash, check or card and not offer your insurance at all.

Can I still be seen at a walk in clinic if my issue is not on their menu?
You’ll still be seen but they probably won’t be able to tell you anything regarding your condition or situation. You’ll most likely be referred to the family practice provider, urgent care or the hospital. Also, if your problem is not on the menu of services that the walk in clinic provides, then you might find yourself having to pay a steeper fee, especially if the problem is more complicated. You might save yourself time and money by going to an urgent care to begin with.

What is considered a more complicated problem?
Any kind of chest pain, new headaches, stomach issues, eye problems, lacerations, car accidents, breaks or fractures and more are considered to be a complex problem and are not typically included on a free clinic’s menu of services. However, the physicians volunteering at the clinic may still be able to help you if you are willing to pay the appropriate fee. Home STD testing can cause various types of problems that also might require more complex care.

If I pay cash, how much will I have to pay?
Cost varies by clinic and company and service. For example, a home STD testing kit may cost you $30 or so while getting it done at the clinic may be more like $50 but doesn’t have the risks associated with it. All office visits usually end up being anywhere between $50 and $200 depending on what happens.

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