Heart Disease, Gallstones And Stroke How To Reduce Your Chances For These Common Conditions

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It’s frustrating when your body doesn’t match up to your expectations. Perhaps you’re trying to become healthier, tackling your issues at the source with exercise and a different diet. Maybe you’re looking to expand your dating opportunities and put your best foot forward. Whatever your reason, a weight loss program is one of the best options for those that struggle with keeping up with their own personal regimen. Medical weight loss is a complex field that changes depending on an individual’s unique needs and, as such, is tailor suited to bring out the very best in its applicants. If you’ve considered visiting a clinic for medical weight loss or perhaps a laser hair removal service for supplementary improvement, read below to learn more about these services and how they can change your life for the better.

What Is Obesity?

While some fat is perfectly healthy and even necessary, too much can go the opposite direction and negatively impact your health in the long-term. Obesity is when you weigh 20% more than what is considered a normal weight for your particular height and mass, with two in three American adults considered obese as of recent years. Multiple Harvard studies have found obesity increasing the risk of diabetes by 20 times, alongside substantially increased chances of high blood pressure, heart disease, gallstones, stroke and more. These are some of the more frequent health risks that come with being severely overweight or obese.

What Are Common Health Risks?

Exercise is important for a variety of reasons — it keeps your heart healthy, your bones dense and your immune system working strong. A lack of such can increase your body’s chances of stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. When combined with obesity, the health risks only stand to get worse — losing weight at a mere rate of one pound per week can reduce your probability of gallstones alone. A loss of 5% to 10% of your body weight has also been proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease, a debilitating condition that can lead to death if not properly treated. Additional treatments can include Botox and laser hair removal services.

What About Laser Hair Removal?

A weight loss program may also recommend a laser hair removal clinic for those looking to reinvent their image. The year 2009 saw a total of 890,000 laser hair removal procedures done, with cosmetic industry figures showing laser hair removal the most popular aesthetic process for women under the age of 35. According to recent surveys conducted by the Celibre Medical Corporation, over 90% of women who removed unwanted hair were satisfied with the outcome. While it may take multiple sessions to completely remove unwanted hair, these results range from semi-permanent to permanent. The majority of surgeons recommend a follow-up treatment after four to eight weeks.

Which Option Is Right For Me?

All approaches should be considered if you want to increase your health and feel positive about your image. The ideal weight loss program should be tailored to suit your unique needs, rather than giving you an unrealistic one-size-fits-all solution. Some need assistance with understanding exercise routines, while others seek out a like-minded community to help them achieve their goal. Meeting with your regular doctor should be your first option, to better analyze any preexisting health issues that need to be attended to. When less than 5% of adults participate in at least of 30 minutes of physical activity per day, being conscientious and attending a weight loss program will go a long way in crafting a healthier and more fulfilled you.

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