How to Plan Corporate Retreats Southern California Style

Are you looking to plan a corporate retreat in Southern California style? If so, you’ll need to consider many elements to ensure the event is on point. Below, we’ve highlighted ten factors to nail perfect corporate retreats southern California style: finding your venue, securing the transportation, setting a schedule, decorating the space, arranging for entertainment, and more. Read this list and begin making the next steps by researching your options and reserving various accommodations today!

Finding Your Venue

First and foremost, it’s essential to book your desired venue to have corporate retreats southern California style. Because retreats are an event to initiate bonding and reformed relationships with team-building activities and collaborative conversations, the venue should be inviting, spacious, and functional. For many companies, the perfect venue looks like renting athletic clubs, museums, or outdoor pavilions. These different types of places offer unique features that companies seem to enjoy. An athletic club or outdoor pavilion can give a company optimal opportunities to be outside with its team and foster relationships in this natural setting.

On the other hand, a museum might be just the ticket for a more whimsical atmosphere to share special moments with co-workers and establish stronger bonds. To attain a southern California-style corporate retreat, look into venues that offer optimal space for teamwork, such as Miami ballrooms. Ballrooms like this have seemingly unending room to move around and speak with all participants. In addition to the space available, ballrooms are perfect due to their sophisticated ambiance that can set the tone and encourage corporate retreaters to take the event seriously and get the most out of the experience.

Securing the Transportation

In addition to finding the venue to achieve corporate retreats southern California style, securing transportation is a must-have. More often than not, professionals will look into options that offer the utmost reliability and comfort for the riders. Not only will these factors ensure timeliness, but they’ll also guarantee that the journey to and from the retreat is enjoyable for the participants. Additionally, the safety measures of the transportation options are vital to consider for many corporations.

For example, does the transportation choice have GPS, panic buttons, or surveillance systems? If the transportation doesn’t have these features, some companies think it’s best to look at other options. With this stated, common choices with safety measures include limousines, large SUVs, and luxury coaches or buses. These options have specific perks and advantages that can be hard to choose from.

But, which transportation option is best if you’re trying to host a retreat that emphasizes the Southern California style? Sprinter van conversions could be just the ticket! This option is an obvious Cali-themed transportation choice due to its comfort and convenience. Once investing in this transportation type for your corporate retreat, you’ll soon be divulging in all things positive such as timeliness, coziness, and optimal security.

Setting a Schedule

Nothing is worse than holding a corporate event and having no order for when activities will happen once guests arrive. Not only will this disorganization leave your guests confused and uncomfortable at times, but it’ll also result in important events and activities being forgotten or thrown out on a whim due to lack of time. With this stated, it’s essential to set a schedule for corporate retreats southern California style. There are some pro tips that you should remember during the planning process to create the perfect timetable.

First, the ultimate goal for the corporate retreat should be at the forefront of the planner’s mind. In other words, is the company hoping to increase morale, enhance camaraderie, or even bring on additional motivation within the dynamic of the workers? Once having one specific goal for the retreat (or more!), the scheduling process can have an obvious objective to plan all other activities accordingly. Additionally, setting a schedule for a corporate retreat might be best if left to the professionals. Hiring a facilitator whose entire career is planning successful corporate events will guarantee that your retreat goes as smoothly as possible. Plus, this professional might be able to be a guiding light to planning activities that are California-style focused.

Decorating the Space

Decorations, while they may seem like a futile worry for some while hosting corporate retreats southern California style, are an important part of an event and can make and break the energy of the entire thing. For some companies, acceptable decorations might look like purchasing traditional garland and balloons to spruce up the space. In addition to aesthetics, these decoration options can be an opportunity to have the company’s mission at the forefront of the participant’s minds with colors commonly incorporated into the logo or main office space.

Another decoration option that might help you embrace the Southern California style is summer flowers. This decoration option is perfect for companies that want the retreat venue to feel professional but also encourages an inviting and positive atmosphere to mingle with co-workers and make lasting relationships. Some popular summer flower options found in southern California include zinnias, sunflowers, petunias, and snapdragons. If flowers seem like the best option for your corporate retreat, the good thing is that summer florals come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, making matching them to your event’s aesthetics should be no problem. These summer flowers can be centerpieces during meal times with coworkers, or be decorations in the venue’s lobby or personal room spaces. These extra special touches will make the entire corporate retreat seem more personal.

Arranging the Entertainment

To make a lasting impression and hopefully encourage positive relationships, corporate retreats southern California style should have some fun involved. This means there should be time increments for the company’s team to mingle naturally and get to know each other in a relaxed setting. A great way to do this is by arranging superb local live entertainment. Depending on the company and its wants, this entertainment will look different.

More often than not, corporate retreats will have live bands come and play during meals or in the evening times. This type of entertainment is best for those trying to create a comfortable atmosphere that’s still professional. During these corporate retreats, jazz and classical bands are most common for keeping the energy going between breaks and sparking meaningful conversations. If your company is looking for entertainment opportunities that are a little more intentional in creating teamwork, planned activities that require a little thinking or physical activity might be just the ticket.

For something a little more adventurous, entertainment might look like playing icebreaker games, hosting a team sport, going hiking, or throwing a scavenger hunt that requires optimal teamwork. These activities, while entertaining, can also be great ways for a group of participants to create positive impressions on each other, which will no doubt be a positive thing for your company’s success.

Eating at the Retreat

With the multitude of guests that companies frequently host during corporate retreats, it can be beneficial to plan the meals ahead of time to ensure success, and one of the best ways to do this is by hiring professional caterers beforehand. By planning this service, the retreat will go smoothly, and you’ll have several perks you might not even think of. First, the company leaders will have more time to spend with the retreat participants instead of fretting about all things meal planning. Additionally, having professionals prepare the meal can take the burden of dietary restrictions off your back.

With this stated, you won’t need to be in charge of planning meals that will accommodate guests who have specific food allergies or sensitivities. Plus, a catering service will likely be serving and cleaning up after each meal as well. In light of this, the retreat can be as peaceful as possible with this professional help. Especially during corporate retreats southern California style, the caterers can come to your venue and provide cuisines famously served in this region, such as delicious citrus fruits, seafood, and fresh salads.

Helping Your Body

During corporate retreats southern California style, helping your body during the event is important. One way of helping your body is with chiropractors. There are many perks that chiropractic offers. First, these medical professionals can help reduce the pain of headaches and chronic migraines that any retreat participant might be dealing with. Additionally, a chiropractor can assist with poor posture by making intentional adjustments to your shoulders and nearby joints. Lastly, a chiropractor is a great resource if you’re wanting to cultivate an environment with positive moods. According to Family Chiropractic Clinic, spine adjustments can decrease the symptoms of disorders such as depression.

Treating Your Team

In addition to helping your body and ensuring optimal comfort, other preparations can be made to treat your team during corporate retreats southern California style. IV therapy is a great resource to book for a corporate retreat to make the participants feel revived and refreshed after a long day of activities and conversation. Above all, IV therapy is a great resource to rehydrate quickly. Because the infusion is packed with essential vitamins and powerful electrolytes, your body will quickly feel rejuvenated after the process is complete. Secondly, the IV treatment can increase energy levels quickly, promoting an ambitious corporate retreat that’s successful in reaching its goals.

Lastly, IV therapy might be a great way to treat your team since it’s been linked to a boost in mental health. More specifically, IV therapy can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety due to high-powered nutrients such as magnesium and taurine. A close alternative to IV therapy is oral rehydration therapy. Like the IV treatment, oral rehydration therapy will hydrate your body and give lots of energy to the user after one use. If your company is looking to treat the team in a way that’s quick and painless, this is a great substitute.

Caring for Your Mind

In addition to a corporate retreat being a way to converse with the company team members and gain new perspectives for collaboration, it can also be a great time to care for your mind and help others do the same. Scheduling mental health counseling is a great way to do this during corporate retreats southern California style.

A mental health counselor is a wonderful resource to help retreaters sort through emotional and mental health disorders and any other life challenges that they might be experiencing. If a mental health counselor seems like an appropriate component to add to your corporate retreat, there are a few skills that you should look for in these professionals. First, the hired counselor should show a level of commitment to influencing positive change in their clients.

Additionally, the counselor should be flexible in their worldviews while helping during the retreat. This characteristic is especially essential since the company’s team likely has many backgrounds and experiences that can impact their state of mind. To ensure your hiring the best possible counseling candidate, look for these skills and observe reviews before making a decision.

Cleaning Up After

After considering the meals and activities that’ll be taking place at the corporate retreat, it’s to be expected that the mess might be a bit overwhelming at times. With this stated, it’s crucial to plan who’ll clean up after the event is complete. While the company can leave this cleaning to certain company leaders or co-workers, it might prevent them from fully embracing the experience and making meaningful conversations when it matters. So, a great alternative to this is hiring a janitorial service to be on sight during the corporate event. In addition to saving time, hiring this professional service can be saving your company money. This saved expense is possible because the janitorial services will arrive at the retreat with all the needed cleaning supplies, which can add up to a large price for those who need to buy them just for one event. Additionally, the janitors can create a mess-free environment, which decreases the chances of the venue becoming damaged.

After reviewing this list above, you can feel confident in planning corporate retreats southern California style. To do this successfully, find a spacious venue, secure proper transportation, set a schedule, decorate the space, and more. Begin planning this event today by contacting the appropriate people today, such as venue owners, florists, caterers, medical professionals, and more.

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