Is Scar Revision Necessary After FUE Hair Transplant

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Scar revision is a procedure that is sometimes necessary after certain types of surgery, or after injury. It is basically a surgery, as well, but its purpose is to lessen the presence of visible scars. Scar revision may or may not be a necessity following hair transplant surgery.

FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant is one of two procedures typically used for the putting together of groups of hair, usually numbering one to four, for hair transplants. This type of transplant will take approximately eight hours. By 35 years old, most men will notice a certain degree of hair loss. By the age of 50 about 85% of the male population will have experienced a noticeable thinning throughout their hair. Interestingly, a man will lose half his head of hair before it is really noticeable to other people.

Scar revision, when it is necessary following a hair transplant, will remove scars from the areas from which hair was removed. This procedure will usually leave a tiny scar that will be easy for the patient to cover. In cases of scars left by older hair transplant methods, many people will be left with a long, wide line on the back of their scalp. With the scar revision procedure, that scar is removed and the area is re-closed with sutures of a much smaller size and width.

There are certain preparations that the patient will need to do before a scar revision is performed. The doctor will usually instruct them to do some type of scalp exercise for about two weeks before the procedure in order to increase the elasticity of the skin on that area. During the scar revision, the old scar is removed and the area is re-closed, twice, once inside and once outside. The closing involves both sutures and staples, which significantly reduces the size of the new scar, and is done in a way that will enable new hair to grow over the scar.

As mentioned earlier, there are two primary procedures used in performing hair transplants. Follicular Unit Extraction, or a FUE hair transplant, is used to punch a small hole in the scalp just big enough to remove up to four hair follicles, as opposed to strip harvesting, the other method of hair transplant, where a strip of hair is actually cut from the scalp to be replaced elsewhere. FUE is a new technology in the world of hair transplanting, and is said to be the least painful. This procedure does not leave a linear scar, as does strip harvesting, but it leaves many tiny round scars throughout the area where the hair is being taken, or harvested, from.

Studies show that hair transplants are successful because of this scientific fact. The hair that grows on the sides of the scalp and the back of the scalp have been calculated by genetics to be able to permanently continue to grow. When these hair follicles are transplanted to balding spots on the scalp, they retain their ability to continue to grow, and will do so. Not only will they simply grow, but they will grow permanent, healthy hair.

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