Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Body weight is something that any responsible adolescent or adult should take seriously, since being drastically over or under weight can lead to major health issues. In the United States today, rates of being overweight and obese are climbing ever higher, and today, one in three adults is either overweight or obese. This can lead to many health complications such as increased risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. Being greatly overweight may also lead to trouble with regular sleep and mood disorders, but the good news is that losing weight is always possible. Two common routes are to launch a weight loss program and visit a physicians weight loss clinic, or attempt rapid weight loss at those physicians weight loss clinics and use medical methods to get slim. A physicians weight loss program and medically supervised weight loss may bring the desired results in due time.

Why Obesity Happens

Why are medical weight loss solutions necessary, and how does obesity happen in the first place? Poor diets and exercise habits can often be blamed for this. Modern fast food and processed foods are loaded with extra fats, oils, and especially sugars that make the food taste better, but also add a lot of calories to the person’s diet that end up as body fat. In fact, sugar is often considered the new tobacco: a widespread health issue that Americans are starting to recognize as a problem. Fast foods and processed foods often take the place of healthy and organic food in the diet, and the results appear rapidly on the waistline.

The human body is designed to move and get exercise, a holdover from the days when our primitive ancestors hunted game across the African plains. Modern lifestyles don’t call for hunting, but the body still demands exercise to develop muscle and burn calories and fat. Children and adults alike need regular cardio and strength training, but often neglect this. The American Heart Association has set guidelines that are often not met by everyday Americans. Good exercise, combined with a good diet and visiting a physicians weight loss clinic, however, can help fight obesity.

Weight Loss Strategies

What can be expected when visiting a physicians weight loss clinic or with surgery? Some Americans opt for surgery to either remove current body fat or prevent further weight gain, and some Americans choose to have their stomach surgically downsized. This way, they feel full after consuming fewer calories, and this can make weight loss fairly easy. Not all Americans are inclined to turn to surgery for weight loss, however. A physicians weight loss clinic may offer some other solutions.

A person may combine two simple elements into a weight loss program: exercise, and a good diet. To begin with, that person is urged to visit a nutritionist and their doctor alike, to make sure that they design a safe and effective weight loss program. Medical conditions such as recent surgery, heart or spine issues, diabetes, food allergies, and others should be factored in, along with the person’s age, sex, and other factors. Once this person has some medical guidelines in place, they can design an effective weight loss program and try it out.

This includes a diet upgrade. Fast foods and processed foods should be eliminated from the diet and replaced with whole and organic foods from across the food pyramid. Whole wheat grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy such as milk and yogurt and cheese, and proteins such as beans, chicken, eggs, and fish should become dietary staples. This may boost nutrition and cut down on calorie intakes at the same time, and added sugars and fats will be totally absent.

A good diet is supplemented with exercise, and the options are many. Someone aiming to lose weight may go to their local gym and try out weights there, or even take a spin class, jog on the indoor track, or take a martial arts class. Martial arts such as karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and others work out many muscles, burn calories and fat, and may be great fun. Sports are also an engaging way to get proper exercise, from soccer to basketball to swimming. Swimming is also great cardio, as are bicycle riding and jogging.

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