Now that bikes are back in style how can you personalize yours?

So the jump was finally made. After spending far too many moments of your life stuck in non-moving traffic you decided to attempt a new method of transportation. Biking as become the new normal for you and it is a decision that you both couldn’t and wouldn’t take back for anything. Taking a bicycle places has cost you significantly less than you used to pay for gas and on top of it, you seem to be beating that traffic everywhere you go. The only thing is, now that you bike everywhere, customization is beginning to become a priority. Let us guess, you don’t know the first place to start on what to get to enhance your new wheels and make it even more accessible for you. We’ve drummed up a list of several suggestions if your interested. Things like a front rack from nitto, steal track frames, and wheel builders. If any of this interests you perhaps it is time to seriously consider these enhancements.

Front rack from Nitto

Do you often find yourself over purchasing things while you’re riding your bike and struggling to figure out how exactly to get your items home? How about a front rack from Nitto to solve those problems for you? By installing this piece on the front of your bike you’re able to transport more items than you would have been if you were riding and trying to carry things. This gadget is an easy install and in a matter of moments your worries about transporting your goods will be the worries of yesterday. By adding a front rack from Nitto to your bike your groceries just got a whole lot easier to pick up and bike home.


Do you ever find yourself concerned with the wheels that are on your bike? Are you constantly worried that the normal manufactured ones are not good enough to support all of the weight you put on your new method of transportation everyday? Why not look into specific wheel builders that fit your needs and your plans for your bike? This way you don’t have to stress over what you think is right or best for your bike, instead, you can ride assured that your bicycle can handle anything you throw at it.

Handlebar end caps

Are you finding that your handlebars are already beginning to wear away or that the caps have popped out and left you with just the metal hollow rod? Well not to worry because most bicycle shops do in fact carry handlebar end caps that can be replaced easily. Just pop in these new end caps and your bike will be as good as new in no time. This is a small and typically inexpensive fix for your favorite new method of transportation. The best part is that these items can also be customized to suit your own preferences.

Steal track frame

Concerned over the frame of your bike? Unlike when you were a child receiving a bike for a holiday, you can now customize every part of your bike. This includes being particular and finding the correct frame for your heavy uses. Any bicycle company will be glad to assist you in finding the right frame build to support your every need. Of course these range in price but, with over 100 million bicycles made every year, something has to suited just for you!

Now that you’ve finally gotten your bike out on the road be sure to keep it that way! Make the most out of your new biking adventure and spend that money you are no longer pouring into your gas take like water into making sure that your bike is in tip top shape and is everything you could both need and want it to be. Enjoy all of your lower priced adventure with your new favorite piece of transportation, and don’t forget your hood when you’re riding in the rain! And don’t forget, your also burning calories and saving the environment with every bike ride you take.

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