Peering Into the Future of Veterinary Pain Management With Equine Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for pain management

Pain management is very important aspect of the healing process for any patient, both human and animals. However, while most people are able to physically or verbally express their level of pain, animals are not always able to do so. As such, pain management in veterinary medicine is especially important.

Luckily, several technological advances have greatly increased the efficacy of pain management in both traditional and veterinary medicine. Laser therapy for pain management has quickly emerged has a highly effective means of significantly reducing pain and inflammation in both humans and animals. In addition, laser therapy has been proven to encourage the healing process by stimulating cellular regeneration.

Veterinary laser therapy is used to treat and manage pain for a variety of conditions and in a number of different animals, both large and small and everywhere in between. Veterinary lasers are most commonly used after surgery to facilitate healing and reduce recovery time, as well as to manage pain.

Though many different kinds of animals experience relief from laser therapy, equine lasers have gained a lot of recognition due to the popularity of horse racing. Very similar to professional human athletes such as baseball, basketball, and football players, racing horses exercise and train diligently in order to perfect their skills. Though necessary, training can sometimes lead to muscle strain and even injury. In these cases equine lasers are perfect for helping horses heal and recover from the rigors of training, allowing them to continue preparing for competition.

So how does equine laser therapy work?

Certain frequencies and wavelengths of light are able to gently penetrate muscle tissue and stimulate the tissue. This facilitates healing while reducing inflammation and therefore pain. Typically, animals experience notable relief and increased mobility in as little as 12 to 24 hours. In fact, equine laser therapy has become so popular due to its efficacy that in many cases, it is now used in place of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

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