Preparing For Your First Chiropractic Appointment

In this video, you will learn about chiropractors and the process of chiropractic treatment exclusively from Dr. Dan Eleuteri. If you are preparing for your first chiropractic appointment or you want to learn about chiropractors, this video might help you a lot.

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The cracking sound we often hear coming from our back, knuckles, or even knees is just the spine moving and gas being released as a result. The Dr. demonstrated the process in the show with the X-ray machine displaying everything going on in the spine area.

The girl layed down on her stomach with her back facing up, after adjusting her pelvic and tightening up, Dr. Dan pushed her pelvic to correctly align the pelvic. This was to make sure that it’s all balanced, and the foundation of the spine is straight. After the girl took the deep breath, the Dr. adjusted her spine with a little cracking sound. She said she felt very good and was not hurt at all.

The instrument called arthrostim, which aids in the adjustment, was used by Dr. Dan and according to him it gets the spine moving. Furthermore, the tension area in cervical curve were adjusted. Chiropractic treatment is one of the safest forms of relief and healthcare. This video shows the whole process, therefore, you should watch it if you are preparing for your first chiropractic appointment.

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