Six Daily Tips For Reducing Acne Breakouts And Encouraging Healthier Skin

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What’s the deal with acne, anyway? It seems no matter how hard you scrub your skin or how well you eat a pimple or two will worm its way into your life and have you questioning your sanity. Mainstream media would have you believe that acne only affects teenagers, is strictly hormonal and can only be defeated through copious amounts of salicylic acid. This list is here to clear up any misconceptions about this common condition and get you on the fast track to smooth, happy skin.

Understand The Different Forms Of Acne

Knowing is half the battle. You need to know what kind of acne you’re dealing with so you can do a better job of tackling it at the source. Cystic acne is perhaps the most painful, affecting multiple layers of the epidermis and resulting in agonizing bumps that last for days. Whiteheads and blackheads are both caused by clogged pores (think oil, bacteria and dead skin), which can be surface level or deeper. Hormones can cause a surge of breakouts, while poor daily habits can exacerbate an otherwise minor conditions.

Change Your Pillowcase And Blankets

Not the first thing you expected to see, huh? Yes, nothing will destroy your skin’s integrity more than constantly rubbing your face into dirty bedding night in and night out. Try switching up your pillowcase once per week and washing your blankets on a more frequent basis. You may just find the zits mysteriously cropping up on your cheeks and chin reducing in number. This is only the beginning, however, of your acne-free journey…

Drink More Water And Less Caffeine

Your body is made of 60% water. Your skin is also the largest organ on your body. When you keep chugging sugar and caffeine instead of basic water you’re depriving yourself of the moisture you need to look your best. Doctors recommend you drink six to eight glasses of water per day. Herbal teas and simple juices can also do the dual work of giving you water alongside antioxidants and healthy vitamins! Nobody likes an acne scar, but you need to heal your skin from the inside out as much as the outside in.

Resist The Urge To Constantly Touch Your Face

Do you have an itch on your face? How about some make-up coming loose? This is a difficult point to follow, but for those of you who have oily skin it may just be the most useful one yet. Our hands are filthy things, constantly in contact with keyboards, doorknobs and cellphones coated in bacteria. When we constantly scrub and poke at our faces we’re just transferring all that nastiness to our already overworked pores. Remember not to scratch at zits, either! You’re just begging for a scar.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Here’s another thing you may have taken for granted. We all know that constant exposure to the sun can increase your ability to develop wrinkles and unsightly spots. But what about its effect on acne? Sunburns, even mild ones, can dry out your skin and leave it irritated for weeks. This affects the uppermost layer of your epidermis and leaves it ripe for all sorts of bacteria to make its way inside. Wear a lightweight sunscreen on your face whenever you go out and keep your skin safe.

Look Into Advanced Dermatology Solutions

When that acne scar just won’t go away or your cystic breakouts are beginning to hurt, you may need to look at cosmetic dermatology. Just speaking with a local dermatologist can shed some light on the acne that’s been plaguing you for months (or, in some cases, years). You can learn more about the source, figure out where you’re going wrong and be presented with solutions that can give you long-term results. These include face peels to remove damaged skin and mild hormonal treatments to balance out your oil production.

Everything seeming a little more clear now? Don’t let an acne scar bum you out. Follow these tips, talk to a professional about acne treatment and get your skin looking like it used to once more.

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