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You felt a sense of dread as you prepared to return the phone call. Although you had been doing a lightly better job of eating right and getting more exercise, you were anxious to get the phone call from the doctor’s office with the report of your lab results. Last year, the doctor’s report scared you, and although you are trying to be calm you can still feel the familiar sense of dread.
Last year’s lab report indicated that your bad cholesterol was still to high, even though you were already on medication. Even more alarming, though, was the results that indicated that you were entering a prediabetes stage. After having gestational diabetes during both of your pregnancies, you know that you are at risk. Those reported levels last year, however, were frightening. You vowed to start making changes. You now attend a spin class with a couple of your friends at least twice a week and you enjoy attending weekend yoga classes.
Fortunately, the news from this year’s blood work ended up being more encouraging, and the doctor said that if you keep working at your eating and exercise habits you will continue to see improvements in the yearly blood checks and health appointments.
Spin Classes and Other Group Fitness Classes Motivate Participants to Work Even Harder
From TRX training to indoor cycling classes, joining a group fitness class can help you reach your goals. In fact, in addition to being motivated by your friends who are working out next to you, a group fitness class can also serve as a social outing. Getting together with friends to work out is far more productive than just meeting to eat at an expensive restaurant, and by spending time at a spin class, or other fitness class, you can spend time with friends who have common interests and health goals.
If you live in fear of the next time you have to go into the doctor’s office for blood test, maybe it is time you start working out instead of worrying. How about it? Once you finish reading this article why don’t you head to the gym and start working toward your goals? Good references here. More information like this.

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