Stem Cell Therapy And What It Can Do For Chronic Pain

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An active and pain free life should be a right, not a privilege. Sometimes, the injuries impeding that goal seem impossible to count. 2006 alone saw about 7.5 million people visit their doctor?s office for a shoulder problem, including shoulder and upper arm strains and sprains. Additionally, approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Luckily, there are cutting-edge therapies available to help solve these problems ? and no, they don?t all include invasive surgery. As remarkable as it may seem, adipose derived stem cell treatments may be the answer to many patients? prayers.

What Is Adipose Derived Stem Cell Treatment?

Adipose derived stem cell therapy is a treatment that should, with the expected results, regenerate damaged tissue and thus cut down on or entirely eliminate chronic pain. What are adipose derived stem cells? These healing cells come from adipose tissue; they are somatic stem cells and are contained in fat tissues that many doctors believe have the capacity for self-rejuvenation. Although it sounds far-fetched at first, regenerative medicine like this has actually been used for many years, and adipose derived stem cell treatments specifically have been used to successfully treat the sports-related injuries of many professional athletes.

What Can This Therapy Treat?

When it comes to adipose derived stem cell therapy, the options are virtually limitless. As previously mentioned, this therapy can certainly help when it comes to long-gestating, stress-rated injuries like tennis elbow and joint pain often experienced by everyone from badminton players to fighters. However, it can also assist in recovery from sudden injuries that nevertheless leave behind a lasting mark, like hip fractures. Without taking the proper therapeutic measures, the victims of these injuries could end up suffering for years. Seniors are excellent candidates for stem cell therapy precisely because their old age makes it harder for them to recover. The nature of these injuries are also often very traumatic, with over 95% of hip fractures caused by falling.

Why Should I Choose This Therapy?

Society has gone without regeneration and repair techniques for centuries; and as with any new type of medicine, it can be hard for some to accept. As a nation, Americans are simply used to dealing with chronic pain and expecting no permanent relief. The answer to chronic pain seems to be nothing more than pills and injections. A more permanent solution ? a regenerative solution ? means that the pain can lessen or stop permanently. Stem cell therapy also means not having to worry about the side effects of constant pain medications ? both monetary and physical, among them the risk of addiction.

Stem cell therapy is one option among many, but it?s quite possibly the most effective treatment. It can give you a new life in more ways than one, freeing you from pain and worry. That is why so many doctors have started championing adipose derived stem cell therapy.

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