The Best Nutrition for the Best Workout

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Most of us know that proper nutrition and getting enough exercise are very important to maintaining proper health but not many of us follow through with our plans to eat well and workout. Three million people were surveyed and only 1% reported getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals without using supplements. Moreover many people do not really understand the relationship between nutrition and exercise.

People who are new to exercise and are about to begin a workout regimen, good for you! Here are some tips to get you started.

What to eat before you workout:

  1. Carbs. They are not evil, they are really the body?s fuel of preference. It is the type of carbohydrate that matters and you should consume complex ones such as those found in oats or sweet potatoes are the best. You should not overdo it with the carbs you eat and it is best if you eat them close to your workout time. If you go overboard, you will end up gaining weight and that is counter productive to what you are trying to do with your workout.
  2. Protein. This should be something your body can absorb quickly like whey protein, which will increase performance. If you do not have that, any protein is better than none. Whey protein is preferable because it contains more BCAAs than other protein. When the body has exhausted its carb source of energy it turns to protein. If you do not have enough of that in your system from what you ate, your body starts to break down the very muscles you are working so hard to build up.
  3. Creatine monohydrate. This is one of the best pre workout supplements for people looking to do strength training. It helps provide the body the energy it needs to get the most out of a workout. This is one of the substances the body uses naturally for energy. It is its second choice after ATP.
  4. Beta alanine. This helps to combat muscle fatigue.
  5. Caffeine: Studies show that people who take a caffeine supplement about a half hour before working out will increase their performance. This should not necessarily mean you should drink a bunch of coffee because that is a diuretic and you do not need to dehydrate yourself before a workout.

What you should eat after your workout:

  1. Protein: Yes, more protein! You need protein for muscle growth. It also helps with recovery. It is actually essential to muscle recovery. Your body cannot build muscle without protein And again, your best option is whey protein but any protein is better than none.
  2. BCAAs. This is one of the best post workout muscle recovery supplements that is really helpful for to prevent the breakdown of muscle. What really is the point of working out to build up your muscles just to have your body break them down again?

Now, in the event that you do an extra long workout, you may want to consider what is called and intra workout supplement. These provide the extra energy these workouts require. The best supplements in these instances include branched chain amino acids and should include a combination of electrolytes, BCAAs, carbs and water. This will help the endurance athlete get through the workout.

All of this may seem highly regimented but it is not as serious as it may seem. This is just a guide to help you make the most of your workouts and get the best strength training and fat burning results.

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