Taking A Look At Home Fitness In The United States

Here in the United States, obesity is a problem that is growing with each and every year. In children and adults alike, obesity rates are high, something that is unfortunately more than backed up by recently gathered data. For instance, up to half of all adults are expected to be medically classified as obese by the time that we reach the year of 2030, now just over a decade away from us. In addition to this, more than 17% of all children are already considered to be obese, a shockingly high number for many people to hear.

And obesity can lead to a number of very serious health conditions – and ultimately a considerably shortened life. Type 2 diabetes, for example, is frequently diagnosed in overweight and obese people alike. In fact, up to one third of all adults have been diagnosed with this disease even though it is wholly preventable through a healthy diet and exercise. When improperly treated and mismanaged, Type 2 diabetes can unfortunately lead to a huge array of consequences. And it is far from the only risk that obesity presents.

In addition to this, obesity can lead to everything from a raised risk of heart attack and stroke to raised risks for developing certain types of cancer. When obesity becomes morbid, mobility issues are also commonly developed and with them, a decreasing ability to be independent. Many obese people struggle with a great deal of chronic pain on a regular basis, for which the only real cure is weight loss.

So how can people stay fit if they’re in good shape and lose weight if they’re not? Home fitness equipment can help to get people up and moving. After all, home fitness equipment, as can be purchased from home fitness stores throughout the country, will typically be quite a considerable investment indeed. Home fitness equipment comes in all shapes and sizes as well, so that just about everyone will be fully able to pick out the home fitness equipment that is right for them. Home fitness equipment also brings the gym to you, so that you don’t need to ever feel self conscious about working out on this home fitness equipment, as you’ll be in the comfort and privacy of your very own home.

And many people could very much benefit from the regular usage of home fitness equipment here in the United States. Unfortunately, far too few people are getting the exercise that they need, with a scant 5% of the total adult population of this one country alone exercising for even just 30 minutes out of the day. And less than half of all adults – only about one third of them, to be more specific – are exercising enough on a weekly basis. The problem is present among the population of children as well. Unfortunately, only one third of all children are exercising as recommended each and every day, something that can lead to health problems later on in life, often related to important aspects of brain development that have been missed out on due to a lack of movement.

Getting children up and moving can be more difficult, as they can’t typically just use home fitness equipment safely in the way that adults can. However, taking them to playgrounds in the warm weather and indoor play spaces in the cold weather can be more than ideal for this, providing an outlet for physical movement, but also for creativity as well. The use of playgrounds can even be ideal for inspiring social interactions, connections, and even, ultimately in many cases, friendships. Play is so critical and so very important for children for so many reasons that it’s imperative for all parents and other such caretakers to encourage it as often as is possible.

All in all, obesity is a growing problem here in the United States among people of all backgrounds and ages. However, obesity is also a problem that we can solve, though there is certainly no denying the fact that it will take time and a good deal of energy to do so here in the United States.

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