When the Time Is Right to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic

It is a simple fact of life that sometimes, people will gt ill or wounded, and when this happens to an adult or child, someone must find a local urgent care center and help get the victim there for treatment. Medical care clinics are common across the United States, and every city and nearly every town should have at least a few locations for patients to visit. Some such urgent care centers are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and even a medical care center with more limited hours may still have broad hours of operations so that they can accept patients during the week. Knowing where to find an open urgent care center is the first step, and is easily done with an online search on a mobile smart phone or a PC, for example. A search such as “medical attention Boston MA” or “urgent care center Phoenix AZ” can yield nearby results, such as the name, address, and hours of operation of a nearby medical treatment center. This way, a patient can get the urgent care that they need, when they need it, for everyday illness or wounds (such centers do not treat life-threatening conditions, but they can handle many other problems).

About Urgent Care Centers

The medical care industry across the United States is enormous, and Americans spend vast amounts of money, all together, on medical treatment for many various ailments. Included in this large industry is the presence of urgent care centers for everyday illness and treatments. These centers are often independent facilities or are part of a small, local network of such centers, and they are often staffed with nurse practitioners and physicians who have the training and the medicine and equipment needed to deal with the ailments of their customers day or night. These centers often accept various forms of health insurance to make them even more affordable, and when these centers are operating smoothly, they can be fast and efficient with giving medical care to the patients. An urgent care clinic that is running smoothly may see about three patients per hour, and a patient may expect a wait time of about 15 minutes before getting medical attention.

Many of these urgent care centers are standalone facilities, while other are a part of a shopping district or may even be what is called a retail urgent care center. Just what is a retail care center? This describes any urgent care center built into a single, larger retailer such as Target, Wal-Mart, or Walgreens, and since such retailers are distinctive and have ample parking in busy urban or suburban centers for their shoppers, it can be easy for a patient to find parking for these clinics and visit them. And since retail clinics often have pharmacies in them, a person can visit the retailer for their regular shopping and also visit the pharmacy to get refills on their drug prescriptions, making for a convenient experience. These clinics will probably have similar hours of operation as the retailers themselves, but a customer may want to double-check a retailer’s hours, just in case.

Care at a Clinic

What sort of health ailments might bring a patient to urgent care? Physical trauma is a common reason. Four out of five urgent care clinics offer bone fracture treatment, for example, and they may also treat broken fingers or toes. What is more, these clinics can often take care of sprained ankles or wrists, which often occur due to sports injuries or strain at the work site, such as construction. Nearly 25,000 Americas suffer from ankle sprains every day, in fact. A person can also visit an urgent care center to get stitches for cuts, such as if they stepped on broken glass or misused a knife. These clinics might also have ointment and lotions for skin issues such as rashes or poison ivy.

Upper respiratory issues are another common reason to visit an urgent care center, along with the common cold and flu. During cold or flu season, a person may visit a clinics to get medicine for relief against their symptoms. Food poisoning can also be managed with medicine at a care center.

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