Ten Questions To Ask During Your Next Check Up

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While most people typically associate a visit to their local doctors office with sickness or a medical problem, in many cases an appointment is only necessary for a quick check up. By making time for a brief examination, patients can often prevent serious health problems before they happen. Fortunately, in recent years, it has gotten easier and easier for patients to schedule these visits, as many urgent care centers and walk in health clinics now offer this service. However, in order for a quick check up to be effective, it is important for the patient to ask the right questions. Read on to learn about the ten questions you should always ask a physician during a quick examination.

  1. Are My Signs Normal, or At Least Acceptable? This question applies to your body mass index, blood pressure, breathing and even the health of your skin and nails, which can signify the state of your vital organs. Essentially, if your doctor notices anything that could be a symptom of a medical problem, you want to know.
  2. Has My Health Improved or Worsened Since My Last Visit? While this might be difficult for a physician at an urgent care clinic to answer, your regular doctor will be able to check back on their notes and give you tips for improvement if necessary.
  3. What Are the Best Ways I Can Manage My Health?This query is especially important if you have an underlying condition. Ask for advice on your diet, alcohol intake, physical activity, stress management and more.
  4. Do I Have a Higher Risk for Certain Diseases?You may need to provide some background on your family’s medical history for your doctor to answer this question, but learning about your risk factors now can save you a significant amount of trouble later on.
  5. At My Age and Health, What Symptoms Could Signify a Serious Problem?With the sheer number of medical problems in the world, this can be a difficult question to answer. However, if you are specifically at risk for heart problems or another condition, this can save your life.
  6. Do I Need Any Specific Screenings?Given your age, health and other factors, you may need a mammogram, colonoscopy or other test after your quick check up, either as a precaution or because of a serious risk.
  7. Should I Be Seeing a Specialist? There are simply some things a quick check up can’t check for, especially if you have a medical condition. Make sure you’re doing all that you can to maintain your health.
  8. Is There Any New Therapy, Treatment or Research I Should Know About? Scientific research is revealing new data every day, which is then used to improve and create medical treatments. Whether its a study that says drinking coffee could reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes or a new heart medication, it is important to stay updated.
  9. Should I Get a Flu Shot?Vaccinations have been the cause of significant controversy lately, and if you are able, you should receive this health measure. However, the very young, very old, and people with certain medical conditions, such as an allergy to eggs, should either avoid the vaccine or talk to their doctor about their options. Know your status before you avoid or obtain this important vaccination.

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