What Rapunzel Knew About Hair That You Need to Know


Did you know that throughout your lifetime, you will grow more than 590 miles of length? Your hair could span the width of Missouri! Hair salons have their work cut out for them by trying to tame our locks. Here are a bunch of other wacky facts about your hair and how to care for it.

A (Less Than) Colorful World
I bet you’d never guess that the most common hair color in the world is actually black hair. And that less than 2% of people are born with blond hair. Salon Spas across the land are coloring way more women to have blond hair, but so few are actually born with it. If all people subscribed to a natural hair care method with no dies, black is no doubt the color we’d see most.

Botanics Make it (Almost) All Better
You may feel like there is nothing you can do to inspire better hair, but you’d be wrong. Botanics can actually changed the health of hair by up to 86%. Any salon and spa can offer a hair mask to take your hairs health to the next level. Plus, this natural hair care approach has more longevity than other fab treatments that could damage hair.

It Doesn’t Come Back from the Dead
If the ends of your hair are splitting, there is no turning back. Botanics won’t do anything for those dead strands. The only way to remedy split ends is to cut them off. But don’t fret. You hair grows about a centimeter each month so the length will be back before you know it.

The first step to taking better care of your hair is understanding what it wants and what it needs. Try some botanicals and get it cut every once in a while. It’s not rocket science!

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