Three Common Childhood Diseases

Pediatrics clinic

Each year in the United States, there are about six million pediatric office visits. Making sure that children stay healthy in their early lives can ensure that they’ll be healthy later in life. Though many children in the U.S. — over 80% of them between the ages of five and 11 — are considered to be in good health, there are a few common diseases that children suffer from.

1. Obesity
Many people are aware that obesity is a problem in America, but what a lot of people don’t realize is how much it affects children. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and in some cases diseases can lead to obesity, but when children become obese the results can be startling. An alarming nine out of 10 children who are obese become obese adults. Intervening early and finding a pediatrician who specializes in nutrition can help get an obese child back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

2. Diabetes
Over 200,000 children under the age of 20 in the United States have diabetes. There are to types of the disease — both can be caused by genetic factors, one can be affected by diet, and the other can is triggered by unknown factors. Managing diabetes can be tough without the proper instruction and care of a pediatric physician, so regular visits to the pediatrics clinic is not uncommon for children with the disease.

3. Tooth Decay
Believe it or not, the most disease that children in America suffer from is tooth decay. This may be because they haven’t learned proper dental hygiene, don’t have good habits, or a combination of both, but in every case, the consequences can be serious and lead to tooth loss, infections, and pain which can all necessitate a visit to the pediatrics clinic. Taking preventative measures is important for making sure that a child’s teeth and mouth stay healthy.

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