Two Crucial Ways Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Change Your Life

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As women grow older, they grow stronger and wiser, and everybody is dealt a different hand in life. However, for some women, the road is not as easy, and with age and wisdom come health problems that you just don’t see coming. Between complications from menopause, infertility and other varying health issues, a woman’s body goes through an unimaginable amount of stress and pain throughout the course of their life. Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy offers women a chance to overcome these obstacles and be themselves again. Seeking treatment can give you a new lease on life, confidence, and even a child you thought you could never have.

    Menopause: Every women deals with the adverse effects of menopause at some time in their life, though some are forced to struggle with these complications at an earlier age for a variety of reasons. According to a report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, women who lived through extended periods of financial hardships often begin their physical changes at an earlier age than their more fortunate peers. Even smoking as few as five cigarettes per day can lead to early menopause in women. The first stages of menopause are scary and uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t have to just deal with it. The discomfort of hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness can all be relieved through hormone replacement therapy. Menopause solutions do exist, and you don’t have to suffer as your body goes through these drastic changes.

    Infertility: The causes of infertility in women have been researched extensively, and while there is no definitive answer, there have been major advancements in how it can be treated. Hormone replacement therapy gives couples a second chance at having beautiful, healthy children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently revealed that 11% of couples experience secondary infertility, or the inability to have a second child after more than a year. While women under 35 should try for a year before seeking medical advice, it is comforting to know that hormone replacement therapy is available should you choose to have a child later in life.

Womens health is at the forefront of medical research as new developments in hormone replacement therapy are enabling women to take back their bodies and be comfortable in their own skin. Whether you are dealing with menopause, infertility, or any other number of ailments, talk to a doctor and see how hormone replacement therapy can improve your quality of life.

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