Using Alternative Therapies Like Yoga and Chiropractic for Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain in areas like the back, knees, shoulders, and neck can be very difficult to treat through conventional medicine. Millions of people who suffer from these conditions just resign themselves to living with pain and limiting their activities. However, there are alternative medicine treatments like chiropractic and yoga that can provide relief without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractors treat disorders of the spine and joints, and can help patients to regain movement and control while living pain-free.

Living with chronic pain
Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, especially in problem areas like the back, knees, shoulders, neck, and wrists. There are no conventional medical treatments that can be used successfully to treat these conditions. Medication such as painkillers can be addictive if used over a long period of time, and produces diminishing results. Surgery may even make the situation worse. This is why many people who suffer from chronic back pain just resign themselves to living with the pain and limiting their activity.
Around the world, 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain of one kind or another. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that there are 31.5 million people suffering from back pain at any given time. Women are more prone to lower back pain than men. About a third of all adult women experience back pain, while about one out of four men will suffer the same condition.

Is treatment possible?
Back pain is bad enough in itself, but it can lead to other medical problems as well. Lack of activity and lack of exercise can create the conditions for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Giving up on conventional medicine, many patients try alternative therapies like yoga and chiropractic. Practicing yoga has been shown to help back pain sufferers find relief.
The journal Annals of Internal Medicine published a study of 313 people with back pain disorders, who tried yoga for their condition. They found that participating in a weekly yoga class helped them achieve more mobility than the standard medical treatments they were offered. Another alternative treatment for spinal disorders is chiropractic. Like yoga, it is a drug-free form of therapy that does not rely on surgery or other conventional medical techniques.

How can chiropractors help?
Chiropractors treat disorders of the spine and the joints. They do this by focusing on the connections between these and the nervous system. Spinal disorder treatment can consist of adjustments to restore functionality and movement to the problem areas. These treatments can be very effective and people who had given up on finding a solution for their chronic pain are surprised by the results.
Chiropractors are primary care doctors who also offer rehabilitation, massage and soft-tissue therapies, and lifestyle and nutritional coaching for optimal health. They also offer advice on and supervision of fitness programs tailored to individual health needs. Many athletes rely on them for fitness programs designed to prevent injury and to speed up healing when injuries do happen.

Chronic back pain affects millions of people, who have resigned themselves to the lack of any conventional medical treatment for their condition. Alternative therapies like yoga and chiropractic can provide pain relief and restore mobility to the problem areas. Chiropractors are also primary healthcare providers and offer services like recovery and rehabilitation of injuries as well as education regarding diet, exercise, and nutrition.

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